Milan '08 Fashion Week. Furs, Sequins, and Blues Brothers at Gianfranco Ferre


It seems as though we got our wish for fall: tights and hats aren’t going anywhere, and, in general, I couldn’t be more pleased with this collection. Especially with Ferre channeling the Blues Brothers via the cropped black pants, white socks, and black hats. Ironically, I was Belushi’s character, Jake, for Halloween last year and distinctly recall some girls negatively commenting on my socks n’ heels look. They must have been too young to know who the Blues Brothers were, or perhaps just fashionably ignorant, because even last October I knew I was onto something!

Highlights of Ferre’s fall collection include the white opaque tights, bold skinny ties in orange and purple, billowy wide leg pants and floor grazing gowns, and certainly the fur and leather jackets. I was surprised to see sequined shift dresses and tops lingering around for another season, considering Gianfranco’s disdain for Topshop-like trends, but the elegant  furs and chic black looks certainly acted as a balancing tool. And, of course, what collection would be complete without a twist on his signature architectural white shirts to express his fastidious attention to structure and form?

—Emilie Furda

Images: nymag

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