Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week Fall '11. Moncler's Flash Mob Fashion Show Rocks Grand Central Station

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Summary: When an email from Moncler Grenoble instructed attendees to be at Grand Central Station at 7pm sharp for a ten-minute show, it was obvious that there was an agenda in place and that timeliness was of the essence. But as press and VIPs were plied with flutes of champagne from a roaming staff of waiters (perhaps to keep them from noticing that the 7pm "sharp" start time was seeming more and more distant?), the crowd grew inquisitive, looking for any hint of action that would indicate just what Moncler Grenoble had in mind.

Eventually a few models began to slowly emerge — barely distinguishable in the rush hour transit crowd, aside from their uniform ski wear — cutting a path through the throng of onlookers gathering on the main level of Grand Central. It was mildly disappointing to not be able to see exactly what the models were wearing. Suits of burgundy, gray and golden yellow could be made out, and it was obvious that they were of the ski variety…but was this the runway show; with the models posing hundreds of feet away from where attendees were stationed?


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Slowly, more and more models began to arrive, ultimately developing into a bustling nucleus of ski-wear that had inevitably become the center of everyone's attention. As music began to play over Grand Central's loudspeakers, it became clear that this was no runway show. This was a Moncler flash mob. Grand Central erupted with dancing ski-worthy models, thus commencing a seven-minute flash mob spectacular, accompanied by a soundtrack of a top-hits mashup of tunes. This was an experience that remains difficult to describe, but ultimately, was immensely exhilarating — even if the details of the clothing were hazy in their distance.

During a week where everyone's running around, flush with the energy of blogging, tweeting,  arrival times and all of the work that Fashion Week ultimately entails, Moncler Grenoble's Grand Central flash mob presentation was a resounding success, and a damn good time.

Color Palette: charcoal, beige, orange, golden yellow, red, black, tan, cream, burgundy, blood red, pale yellow, ochre, forest green, olive green, slate gray, silver

Fabrics and Textures: knit, fur, plaid, cotton, down, wool, cotton canvas, quilted, shearling, tweed, belted

Key Looks: Charcoal gray quilted ski jacket and matching quilted skirt with dark gray tights, slate gray leg warmers, black boots, elbow-length black ski gloves and a quilted gray hat over a black knit headband; Slate gray quilted skirt with belted wool jacket under a short-waisted gray alpaca fur jacket, worn with black knit headband, elbow-length black ski gloves, slate gray tights, light gray knit legwarmers, and black boots; Green-gray skinny pants with a red and black plaid button-up with ruched neckline, worn with gray, elbow-length ski gloves with pale yellow palms, an olive-green quilted, belted vest with oversized fur hat, burgundy knit leg warmers and black boots.

— Amanda Aldinger


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