Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NY Spring '11. Ports 1961 in Sandy Dunes

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Summary: Between the desert landscapes and clear blue sky, the Ports 1961 Spring/Summer 2011 collection from Fiona Cibani beautifully showcases the fluid movement of these earthly elements. As well as drawing inspiration from jagged geometric forms, the collection displays a summer feel to man-made silks and linens. The clothing gives off the light look of sand with a slight sheen to give the wearer a slimmer look. 


The mirage layering techniques even produces a color degrade which mimics the twilight skies. Adding modern appliques and iridescent crystals also help showcase the natural elements and minerals that the collection emulates. 

Color Palette: ivory, shell, rosette, dune, chalk, jet, amethyst, emerald, sapphire, pyrite; bronze


Fabrics & Textures: silk, cotton, linen, knit, man made linen, yarn, organza, silk satin, chiffon


Key Looks: Sapphire draped gown with belt and a mica mirage cuff and willow Niya sandal; Mica asymmetric twist dress with rosette cacti cuff and willow Niya sandal; Jet Dolman Coat with jet miareg belt and jet Niya sandal. 


-Taneisha Jordan


Photos: WWD



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