Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall '13: Mathieu Mirano Addresses his Ultramodern Inclination

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Summary: Mathieu Mirano is a name that many people might not know about. Well, after the showing of  his Fall/Winter 2013 ready-to-wear collection at Fashion Week, they might change their tune. For joining the designing ranks of creating a collection fresh out of Parsons only a year ago, there was no doubt that the designer has a love of the out of the ordinary scheme. Sending out invitations of simulated Petri dishes, this was a hint of the show that was sure to come.
Mirano takes the classic silhouette and adds a modern and fresh touch to them. Creating entirely new fabrics, the collection added a fresh spin on classic pieces. Tulle gowns had fur paneling and metallic sweater dresses with finished with crisp pleating details. Mirano relied heavily upon the sheer graphic overlays and illusion panels, adding a bit of sensuality without going over board. I do agree with the designer that collection came off more sophisticated than vulgar. I believe it was the right touch adding very classic shapes and cutout panels. The minimal color palette makes sense given that there was so much focus on the classic silhouettes but I would have wished for a little more variety. Given that this was a collection based more upon the shapes than the trends if you will, it was more of a cue to focus solely on the design rather than the “current” factor. I’m interested to see what Mirano has in store for the Spring collection.
Fabrics & Textures: beaver fur, felted wool, leather, chiffon, metallic, merino, tulle, chainmail, fox fur, Swarovski crystals, garbardine, neoprene, sequins, organza, meteorite embroidery, stingray, cashwool
Colors: nude, gold, black, silver, white
Key Looks: Nude beaver fur cropped jacket, nude felted wool pencil skirt, nude leather boot with gold toe; Nude tulle gown with neoprene cube embroidery, black leather pump; Black merino and metallic chain cashwool sweater, black merino and metallic chain cashwool pencil skirt; stingray boot with gold toe
– Taneisha Jordan
Photos: NYMag

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