Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall '12. L.A.M.B. Pops in Prints

Summary: Gwen Stefani is known for her outrageous style, and when it comes to her clothing label L.A.M.B., that is the aesthetic she really pushes. Patterns and colors erupt from jumpsuits, sweaters, blouses, and dresses — not only clashing in patterns, but in worlds and cultural references. There is a definite 60s school girl vibe going on, with short skirt and blazer combos paired with knee highs and rimmed glasses. But this is mixed with 80s-inspired oversized sweaters boasting exaggerated herringbone and colored prints reminiscent of both the Aztec and the visuals of an old school Sega Genesis video game.
Does it work? Sometimes, yes it does. I love her bold use of color, her proclivity for neon, the outrageous approach to print that makes many of her garments automatic statement pieces. But then she outfitted the other half of her collection in a gray and plum checked plaid that seemed more outre than retro. It aged the collection and didn’t work with the styling approaches she employed to modernize the look.
Overall, the collection is fraught with competing visuals. What she does well is extremely fun and filled with wit. But what doesn’t land really detracts from the overall vision Stefani is trying to convey.
Colors: White, black, neon yellow, neon pink, grey, red, yellow, green, forest green, burgundy, navy, lime green, olive green, orange
Fabrics and Textures: Herringbone, knit, cotton, leather, checked, striped, leather, fur, cabling,
Key Looks: Grey sweater with herringbone sleeves and PINK knit in neon pink, neon yellow and white, paired with skinny trousers in grey and black paneling; Oversized sweater with exaggerated herringbone print and a grey plaid miniskirt; Black and white jumpsuit in graphic patterning.
— Amanda Aldinger

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