Maya Bash: Minimalism With a Bit of Street Style

Maya Bash Fashion We’ve seen our fair share of well-known designers this week at Paris Fashion Week from Karl Lagerfeld and his French brasserie at Chanel to the Alber Elbaz’s Moroccan-inspired love fest at Lanvin. But what about the designers who presented during the fashion month that you have not heard of yet? One such designer is Israeli-based designer Maya Bash. Her minimalist collection is made unique not merely from the fact that she likes to create her pieces by taking them apart and putting them back together, but also because of her collaborations with other visual talents — artists, painters, and filmmakers. Bash presented her Fall/Winter 15-16 collection at the Man and Woman Fashion Exhibition at Paris Fashion Week among hundreds of other global brands including New York’s Earnest Sewn and Parisian streetwear label Pantheone. The Man and Woman exhibition, which took place March 6-8, brought together many different brands to Paris for an introduction to buyers. Her go-to model Uliana Stavi (you’ll recognize her from the Maya Bash website) was on hand to present the looks. Uliana, with her lean frame and striking boyish crew cut, was the perfect representation of Bash’s androgynous look.
Maya Bash Fall 2015
Model Uliana wearing Maya Bash in Paris  (Photo: Liya Geldman)
Maya Bash (left)  Model Uliana with Maya Bash (right)
Model Uliana with Maya Bash (right) (Photo: Liya Geldman)
A sneak peek at the catalogue for Maya Bash's Fall 2015 collection
A sneak peek at the catalog for Maya Bash’s Fall 2015 collection
The cool thing about Maya’s “deconstructed fashion” is not just the long lines and neutral muted colors, which often make the looks unisex, but each piece tells a story. Last season’s story was especially unique. Bash collaborated with visual artist Zoya Cherkassky to do something different. She wanted Cherkassky to generate patterns based on the people she sees wearing her clothes on the streets of her current location, Tel Aviv. The visuals were printed onto fabric and made into pieces for the collection.
Summer 2013 collection of Maya Bash (PR)
Street style a la skirt (Photo: David Metzhi)
Maya Bash
Street Style a la shirt (Photo: David Metzhi)
“I love the nature of this cycle; somebody buys my clothes, wears them and then becomes the next design,” she said. You can check out more of Maya’s adventures in Paris on her blog. What will she come up with next? Just wait until she hits the streets of New York!  In the mean time, check out the fashion-savvy folk that made it onto the pieces Maya’s most recent collection by heading over to her online boutique at – Simona Kogan Photos: Liya Geldman, David Metzhi,

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