Massimo Dogana Makes The Worst Shoe For a Job Interview

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You know that one day a month when you want everyone to just leave you alone? Well Massimo Dogana has got you covered to give everyone a heads up that you don't want to mess around. 

For a mere $1,095 you can offend everyone you walk by, and be assured that you will be left alone when you wear these less-than-subtle shoes. In a peep-toe bootie or platform pump sandal style, your feet can be secured by a hand flipping off all passerby's while the message on the pump confirms your feelings. 

How do we feel about these shoes? Cheeky or just plain offensive?

-Kat Bremhorst

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3 thoughts on “Massimo Dogana Makes The Worst Shoe For a Job Interview”

  1. I think the “more subtle” sandal will sell better! Actually I think these are more like art pieces than fashion statements. It will be fun to see who and if anyone actually wears them. Too tame for Lady Gaga.


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