Mary Katrantzou Could Be Planning Plus-Sizes Soon

Could Mary Katrantzou be planning plus-size versions of her already infamous dresses? In a nutshell: hopefully.
It seems as if the designer was approached by Net-a-Porter to do plus-size dresses of her signature digital prints. As much as she wold like to do it, there are several roadblocks ahead. “NET-A-PORTER.COM asked us if we would go bigger [to a size 16] and we would – we had a discussion with them,” she said. “I buy online – I think as a bigger size, you feel more comfortable trying things at home. With the interiors [her spring/summer 2011 collection, featuring prints of homewares], we just added more information. So, on a size 8, you get the sofa, the mantelpiece and the flower, whereas on a size 14 you get the sofa, the mantelpiece, the bush and the room next door.
“I was looking at a size 14 woman wearing our dress and I thought, ‘I can’t believe we don’t go bigger than that size!’ because she looked tiny,” she said. “Sometimes designers are blamed for not going to a size 16, but it’s not that: it’s that there isn’t demand [from buyers]. So I think if buyers were more brave to try it for a couple of seasons, they would sell more and designers would produce more.”
The designer has had much success and her recent TopShop endeavor has proved to be she is a force to be reckoned with. Her collection sold out in minutes online, both in London and the States. But it’s not so easy to just translate her designs to a larger fabric size.
“I don’t know about bigger – no one has asked about a size 18. You get into different trouble: you might have designed it differently because then the body shape is different,” she told the Evening Standard. “You wouldn’t want the typewriter [referring to her AW 2012-13 collection] to be there [she gestures to her chest area] on a size 20 – we would need a lot more thought about the prints.”
Here’s hoping she can figure it out… and soon!
– Taneisha Jordan
Source: Vogue UK

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