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During this past New York Fashion Week, my editor sent me to cover a show for her that promised to be the perfect uber chic finale to my grueling schedule. Although the clothes on the runway were impeccable, the assembled so-called “fashion crowd” looked like they had all dressed without benefit of a mirror – let alone a three-way one – using discards pulled from the rubbish bin behind a clothing donation center in some fashion forsaken suburb of a D-list city. Granted, the extended winter storm warranted weather combat gear, but there was absolutely no reason to abandon style and fashion altogether. Scientists now contend that the jet stream is migrating leading to longer spells of bad weather in both New York (snow) and London (rain). Fashion folk should rise to the challenge of staying stylish in bad weather! If the winter weather where you live has you in a fashion quandary, fear not. Here is your guide to staying warm and dry on both sides of the Atlantic.
Many of you know by now that Mackage is my go-to brand for warm and stylish winter coats. The Canadians may not be faring so well on Olympic snow and ice, but your average Montrealer takes the gold – and leaves the average New Yorker sputtering slush – for sidewalk fashion in winter. The tents at Lincoln Center this season were black and the New York fashion folk in their winter uniform of black coats looked like disembodied heads floating around and milling about. The effect was quite disconcerting. For my part, I led the charge for winter white in a four-ply cashmere, double-breasted military coat. The street style blogger brigade outside the tents went insane as I parted the “Black Sea” to attend my first show of the week. You will cause a similar stir wherever you are in Mackage’s Liana Military Trenchcoat. This winter white coat features a high collar to shield you from the glare of both snow and flash bulbs as well as an asymmetrical hemline that will add a spring to your step as you jump over puddles and snowdrifts.
As New York Fashion Week wound down, the inevitable question of Valentine’s Day plans came up and the most common reply was “drinking with strangers in the British Airways first class lounge at JFK” – on the way to London Fashion Week. Assistants to Fashion Editors fretted all week as to how to keep their bosses borrowed wardrobes dry on the other side of The Pond. The answer was quite simple: sleek-and-chic, packable and impermeable outerwear from Burberry! Olympic conspiracy theorists contend that the failure of the fifth ring – the red one – to open at the Sochi opening ceremonies was either an insult to all countries who have the color red in their flags or to the entirety of the Americas – both the northern and southern continents. Forget the Russians and bring your very own red with you wherever you go. Burberry’s Parade Red trenchcoat is the perfect antidote to winter weather!
If you live in New York, you already own knee-high Hunter rain boots – in BOTH matte black and shiny – and probably even have this season’s bright carnation pink rain boots. While the super chic scrambled earlier in the season for the newest Prada rain boots – in midnight navy, if you please – the more “practical” among the fashion crowd placed their orders for the Hunter/Rag & Bone collaboration. Those of you who frequent London outside of the fashion season know very well that Wellington boots in green only – never black – are de rigeur storm survival gear. These green-and-black boots are the perfect transatlantic compromise!
If your London style is more Sloane Ranger than Belgravia matron then opt for prints. Look beyond Gucci’s logo-obsessed interlocking G’s and staid Burberry’s signature plaid to Ted Baker’s cheeky prints. Be the harbinger of April showers and May flowers in these charming floral rain boots with a sky blue harness.
1. Mackage Liana Military Trenchcoat, $450
2. Burberry London Bow-Belt Trenchcoat in Parade Red, $1895
3. Hunter ‘Original Tall’ Rain Boot, $140
4. Rag & Bone Bicolor Tall Rain Boot, $295
5. Ted Baker Rain Boots – Atiri, $150
– Joseph Ungoco
Image Layout: Second City Style

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