Made in the Shade: Knockaround's Smoke Fort Knocks Sunglasses

 Knockaround Smoke Fort Knox
Seriously, you can usually find me knocking around in my Knockaround sunglasses. Why? I can’t loose ’em, even if I try! If I buy a pair of $300 sunglasses it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion I will misplace them. Give me a pair of under $30 sunglasses, and I’ll have them forever. Go figure!
I literally have 5 pairs of Knockaround sunglasses. They are on-trend and totally affordable, not to mention the color selection is immense. Knockaround’s new Smoke Fort Knocks ($25) are my current favorites because they are super dark (gunmetal hardware) have FDA approved impact resistant lenses and provide crucial UV400 protection for my eyes…all this white snow can be blinding.
Trust me, they look like they cost a lot more than $25! Nobody has to know…
Knockaround Fort Knocks, $25
– Lauren Dimet Waters

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