LULU DK Temporary Metallic Jewelry Tattoos

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Metallic jewelry temporary tattoos are not just all the rage for the summer concert festival set. The only real tattoo I could ever even think of getting would have to be metallic and let’s face it, that’s not really possible. Enter temporary tattoos, which are the only ones I can really commit to. Dior came out with their limited-edition, nine piece set of skin jewelry tattoos made from 24-carat gold micro-particles a couple of years ago. Designed by Dior’s costume jewelry designer Camille Miceli, the set included cuffs, chokers and bracelets and sold for $120 set. $120 for temporary tattoos! Seriously? They still make them, but good luck finding them. Thankfully there are alternatives at better prices!
LULU DK recently introduced Lulu’s Temporary Jewelry Tattoos at a much friendlier price-point. “I love jewelry but have always had problems with things clanging and getting in the way on my wrist,” explains Lulu deKwiatkowski, the company’s founder and creative director. “So when my sister came home with a gold tattoo that she found overseas, I jumped on it and decided to create my own designs.”
With a specific direction to embody jewelry, deKwiatkowski applied her artistic hand to this latest endeavor, creating a line of intricate, painterly jewelry tattoos. The metallic gold, silver, and black designs come in a wide array of styles and tastes, including classic bracelets, feminine florals, edgy geometrics, and flowing scripted words. “I love, love, love how gold and silver make your body shimmer and lighten up – and these tattoos do that beautifully,” exclaims deKwiatkowski. Lasting about four to six days, in and out of the water, they are also the perfect addition for the summer swimsuit months.
Lulu dk Temporary Jewelry Tattoos, metallic tattoos
Lulu’s Temporary Jewelry Tattoos are available in two sets. One is Love Story (one gold and one silver sheet) and the other is La Femme (gold and silver with some black embellishment). I love them both equally.
Personally I adore how they look layered under real jewelry for a little element of surprise, so I had to try them! I think proper application is the key for getting the most life out of them. When I first tried a bracelet style and then put actual bracelets on top of it, it came off within a couple of hours. I was not pleased. So the next time I made sure my skin was totally free of any oil and creams. To apply you simply remove the clear cover and position the design carefully against your clean skin. Then press with a wet cloth to transfer and let the design set for a good 10 minutes or so before you touch, let alone add jewelry. If you stay away from oils, sunscreens, lotions and well…soap – they should last for up to a week.

LULU DK tattoos, gold tattoos,  Love Story tattoo, La Femme tattoos
My LULU DK tattoos

LULU DK Temporary Jewelry Tattoos, $22 per set (2 sheets)
– Lauren Dimet Waters
Sample provided for review, but opinions are my own.

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