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Forver_21_logo Oops, they did it again and again and again! Could this be their undoing? It would appear Forever 21’s business model is that of bold and defiant stealing. Diane von Furstenberg, Anna Sui and Gwen Stefani who are suing the flash-fashion retailer for copying their designs, are not alone.

According to an article in today’s WWD "Retailer Forever 21 Facing a Slue of Design Lawsuits" by Liza Casabona, there are at least 20 lawsuits alleging Forever 21 violated intellectual property rights.

DVF & Forever 21

Since January 2006 other designers and retailers who have filed suits against Forever 21 for allegedly selling clothing and accessories that infringe their copyrights and trademarks include; Tokidoki, Bebe and Anthropologie.


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Anna_sui_python_dress_neta_2_2 Forever_21_lace_dress_2_2
Anna Sui & Forever 21

Marc Jacobs & Forever 21

"I believe that Forever 21’s business model is to copy the designs of other well-known designers," said Marya Lenn Yee, a partner at law firm Donovan & Yee that represents Anna Sui in pending litigation against Forever 21. The number of filed cases is just the tip of the iceberg, Yee said. There are other intellectual property claims that haven’t been filed because they were settled or other issues arose.

DVF Knock-Off at Forever 21

When DVF originally took action, Forever 21 claimed it was taking steps to organize itself to prevent intellectual property violations from happening. However, since then, DVF has found additional products they alleged infringe on their designs!

Bebe’s Zigzag dress & Forever 21’s  Zigzag dress

Forever 21 does not employ its own design team, and therefore can hide behind and place blame on its vendors. Just as in the DVF lawsuit, the majority of the cases filed allege copyright infringement for print fabrics.

Copyright infringements can be easier to prosecute than trade dress infringements or some trademark infringements if the designers have registered copyrights, lawyers said. Under copyright law, the plaintiff does not need to prove that the infringing items create confusion in the minds of consumers.

Anna_sui_dress_2 Forver_21_maven_2
Anna Sui Dress & Forever 21 Top

Therefore, it crucial for designers and fabric companies to register their fabric designs for copyright protection, Yee said. It’s a simple process that can give them real teeth in fights to protect designs down the road. Damages in some cases run into the millions, she said.

Sounds pretty shady.

Source: WWD

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  1. It is not about “they never learn”. It is “they don’t care!” They will continue to be a billion dollar company and make money from stealing other designers’ ideas. Who can stop them? Law? Who can protect them? “John 3:16” under their yellow shopping bags?


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