Got Enough Leather? Now You Need Lace!

Yesterday, a 16 year young lady I know exclaimed to me, “I have a leather jacket just like that!” She was referring to the oversized black biker jacket I was wearing (and lately have been wearing it practically daily). For a brief (and I mean very brief) moment I thought, “Am I dressing too young for my age?” But then quickly I thought of Diane Von Furstenberg, who I had the exciting opportunity of meeting just the night before at Neiman Marcus in Chicago, and I thought of what she was wearing – leather and lace! Yes Diane von Furstenberg wore a black biker style jacket with an olive lace skirt, both from her collection of course. And you know what? I adored what she was wearing! The more I thought of how cool she looked, and the way she explained how everything in her collection works well for women who travel, the more I though about how much I need something in lace, to wear with my leather!


Not only is lace a major trend this season, but it’s truly a classic that will never go out of style. Lace can be worn both day and evening, and is ideal for those days that turn into evenings! Additionally lace doesn’t wrinkle, especially since many lace fabrics have an added bit of stretch. The contrast of tough leather contrasts and complements dainty lace. The two fine fabrics work as a team!


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Find a lace pencil skirt, dress, pants, top or blouse to wear under a leather jacket. Don’t be afraid to wear lace with a little metallic like Diane (yes, we are on a first name basis now).

Here are a few styling options:

Leather & Lace Skirt (pictured above):

Leather & Lace Pants:


Leather & Lace Blouse:




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