Latino Fashion Week: Moda In The City

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On a unusually warm, quiet November Monday night you might expect to watch some television with some Chinese carry-out. Well that's not an option when it's Latino Fashion Week

Monday night at Hotel Sax, fashionistas gathered to get a sneak peak of what is in store for the week ahead. Local celebrities and models showed guests a preview of local Latino designer's best pieces. Sheer gowns, faux fur, and tailored cocktail attire were just a few of the trends that left us craving more, barely being able to be patient enough to wait for the full fashion show this Saturday


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The gorgeous WGN reporter, Lourdes Duarte, swapped her anchor desk for a runway to emcee the mini fashion show. The show started with local celebrities, such as WBBN anchor Mai Martinez, showed off Akira's newest collection. Next, local designers took over the catwalk. 

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New designer, Claudia Urrutia, was all about faux fur and nipping in the waist. The combination was a total knockout that definitely will be hot this winter.

LATINO FASHION WEEK 11-08-10  Photos by Steve Starr 132
Angelica Santoyo's Angel Eyes Designs never fail to impress with her understated glamour and the desire to make a woman feel confident and stand out in a crowd.

Securedownload-4If Julius LaCour Jr. fears anything, it's definitely not embellishments. For his line Maison de LaCour, LaCour knows that flair like sequins and feathers go a long way to make a statement. 

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Hector-Javier MonArrez sent out his line in a killer shade of blue and tailored to perfection. MonArrez pieces have the simplicity with a little embellishment you never expect to see, which makes for gorgeous pieces.

Arabel Alva Rosales stands out in her chartreuse mini, even in a line-up of models

As the last model strutted off the runway, guests turned their attention to the people who made it happen. Arabel Alva Rosales and Cesar Rolon Jr. gave us parting words, inviting all to the rest of the events this week and encouraging us to support our local designers. 

Be sure to check out the full Latino Fashion Week schedule and get your tickets so you don't miss out on this red-hot fashion week. 

—Kat Bremhorst

Photo Source: Steve Starr


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