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What is a true fashionista to do? As working women who need to lug a laptop…we have a major problem. Laptop bags still look they are made for men or women who love Pierre Deux diaper bags. I dare you to try to find a bangin’ laptop bag that is worthy of your attention, time or money. It ruins the look of an otherwise stellar appearance. I for one have been relegated to carrying a nylon, black, ugly, manish style bag (because it is light) and I can’t look at it any more!

Faced with this challenge there are still a plethora of printed fabric, nylon and bad quality leather abounding, but I searched hard (and I mean really hard) to find a few standouts in a sea of ick.



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OK, it’s a sleeve, but it’s cool! Anything that sparkles in shades of metal works for me! MetStyle ‘Tokio’ Notebook Sleeve. Comes in Platnum, Black, White & Titanium $35 at


This is actually a work of art. It also costs about the same, but hey, nobody says fashion was cheap! Violet May ‘Lloyd’ in Peacock (shown), Peppermint or Storm $695.63 at


Wild about patent? Ansley Bag in Fawn (shown), Red leather or Chocolate & White. $319 at


OK, it’s pleather but, it’s also shiny, very cobolt blue (color for fall) and in Mock-Croc (Croc is also hot for fall). Mango Tango Faux-Croc Laptop Bag. Comes in Cobolt (shown), Red & Brown $44.99 at

This one could very well be my favorite. Possibly because it looks like a handbag and it comes in plum (my fave). Oh, and it’s on sale! Lin & Leo LapBag in Plum (shown), Raspberry, Turquoise, Green or Chocolate $226 (large) or $169 (small) at

Or this is what I would should do!


Miu Miu Gathered Leather Bag $950 at Net-a-Porter

…and purchase a laptop sleeve so your computer is protected in your chic bag!


Case Logic Laptop Sleeve $24.99 at

– Lauren Dimet Waters, Editor-in-Chief

5 thoughts on “Bags. Is There Such a Thing as A Stylish Laptop Bag? Second City Style Fashion Blog”

  1. You made me laugh out loud about the manish bag! I know that too well….Some of these you found are just beautiful – I love the sleeve concept!

  2. I have the Mango Tango cobalt blue faux-croc bag. I bought it for the color. I’m a heavily duty traveler so the bag’s taken quite a beating. Let me assure you that plastic leather was NOT meant to age well, but the thing was so cheap that it buys me time to save up for my “real” bag.


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