Bad Idea. Kelly Bensimon Spotted in Knee-Socks


New York is at times a seemingly very small city. True story…so last Wednesday I was walking down E. 74th near Madison Avenue after a doctor’s appointment and saw this woman walking towards me wearing knee-socks with a dress. Now on a little girl or a teenager who attends one of the private schools in the area where this is a uniform…it looks cute. Notice I used the word cute.

This woman, however, was a little too old to be sporting knee-socks with flats. Now from the knees up, she looked fine. She was pretty, and well dressed. Yet, the only thought running through my mind was…where is my camera when I need it? I wanted photographic evidence that proved knee-socks on an adult is generally a very bad idea. Just in case you already didn’t know (which somehow I doubt). It seriously makes one look older if that’s possible. Trust me.


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So over this past weekend I was taking 10 minutes of guilty pleasure and checking out the delicious gossip blog Crazy Days and Nights (gotta love the blind items which I never figure out!). There she was! I had no idea it was Kelly Bensimon (the newest addition to that crap Bravo show The Real ‘Desperate’ Housewives of New York City…I swear she’s divorced). Yet, someone else was poking fun at those bizarre knee-socks. She must have been on her way to the event where the above picture was taken when I passed her by. My lucky day indeed.

Please, I beg of you…don’t wear knee-socks if you are over the age of 12. The proof is in the picture.

Photo: Crazy Days and Nights

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