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It's no secret I love the Bravo TV show "Flipping Out"! So when I ran into Jeff and Jenni outside of the Bryant Park Hotel on their way to shoot a segment of "What Happens Next" with Andy Cohen a couple of weeks ago, I lost my cool and ran up to them like a star stalker (something I usually resist the urge to do). I was more excited about speaking to them for 8 minutes (I timed it) than I was about "The September Issue" screening I was there for. Both Jenni and Jeff (yes, both) were lovely and could not have been nicer.

I have noticed assistant Jenni Pulos has become quite fashion savvy the past couple of seasons and was thrilled I had the opportunity to speak to her about her fashion evolution last Thursday during a phone interview. Of course we talked like old girlfriends for about 20 minutes before I even got to my first question which I asked totally out of order.


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SCS: What would your own shown be called? Come on, you know you've thought about it.

JP: I have. "No Sex in This City". Seriously. If anyone knows a great Greek guy for me, let me know.

SCS: Is fashion important to you?

Jenni&jeff JP: It never was before Flipping Out. I would wear my hat backwards, etc. A friend of mine, a former model helped me and now through the journey of Flipping Out I look at fashion as another form of expression, like art. It was never fun for me before, but I'm embracing it and now I enjoy exploring my tastes. You have to put some thought into it and now I trust my instincts to put things together. It's so new to me when people say "I love what you are wearing." Not everyone is going to like it, but then again they don't like every actor or artist.

SCS: How would you describe your style?

JP: I have a range. Sometimes I dress conservatively and sophisticated and at other times sassy and fun. I love a beautifully dressed, classy woman. I admire Reese Witherspoon's style. I like everything from Ralph Lauren and Lacoste to vintage.

SCS: Do you do your own styling/clothes shopping for the show? What do you look for?

JP: My stylist Kathleen King dresses me for events, but I do my own for the show. On camera things look a lot different. You have to look at the color and how it reads. With HDTV the color are more vibrant. There have been some colors I thought looked questionable in person, but I loved them on screen. The opposite can be true too and you can look washed out.

SCS: Who are your favorite designers?

JP: Cavalli, Donna Karan, Prada (of course), Gucci, Chanel, Lacoste, Pedro Garcia shoes, Sergio Rossi shoes and Hayden-Harnett for handbags.

SCS: Where do you like to shop?

JP: H&M, vintage and Burberry. But I am a huge bargain shopper.

SCS: Do you have any bargain shopping tips for our readers?

JP: Don't be afraid to shop even if you only have $20. Don't get discouraged, but Jenni Pulis 2 think, how can I spend it? Try vintage and rework what you find to fit you. Have it tailored. I found a beautiful Burberry coat I saw on Kate Moss for $99 at a vintage store which is now my favorite coat. You just don't have to blow a ton of money, especially in this economy. One of my favorite dresses and one I receive a lot of compliments on I bought at Cache for $19! Be creative and don't be defeated. I also subscribe to the concept of hi/lo dressing.

SCS: What is the worst outfit you have ever worn on the show, looking back over the last two seasons?

JP: Those Steven Madden black ballet flats! The ones I wore on a job site and nail went through my foot! The were too soft. I should have worn Doc Martens that day.

SCS: What are your fashion fears?

JP: Sometimes I am unsure if certain colors go together, but now I embrace it. I never want to be too matchy-matchy. I also used to be afraid of belts, but now I love them. I even double belt a bit now. Jeff gave me a hard time about that initially, but then I showed it to him in a magazine.

SCS: Is there something/anything you are anal retentive/OCD about?

JP: My car, but I'm not as nearly anal as Jeff. Let's see, also my pets. They are my children with fur. I cook my dogs beef with rice every day. I also strive to be a perfectionist at both of my careers (acting & working for Jeff). I am very passionate about my work.

SCS: Could you rap us a quick song about your style on Flipping Out?

JP: Flipping Out Jenni P aka Lilpu
Hashin about fashion
it's the bomb double true
Prada, Armani, Gucci holla
But I like to get my dress on for 19 dollars
You would think I'm livin' the big life in L.A.
Wearing Cavalli and Stella every day
But this girl keeps it real
I love to find it cheaper
Vintage is my deal
And my style is a keeper
Spend less, buy more…Girl


– Lauren Dimet Waters

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