Celebrity Interview. Jamie-Lynn Sigler on the Master Card Savings Program and Entourage


First let me say, I must have Jamie-Lynn’s Orlan Louboutins. I’m sold! Any person who wears my favorite shoes to an interview is golden in my book. What can I say? I’m an easy sell.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler was in town to introduce MasterCard’s new savings program to  debit and prepaid cardholders. See? Even celebrities like a good deal! This new MasterCard Savings Program allows you to customize discounts and special offers from thousands (nearly 25,000) of merchants nationwide. Debit and prepaid MasterCard cardholders can quickly enroll at savings.mastercard.com and it’s free to cardholders.

You can select which retailers you want to receive promotional offers from and set up e-mail alerts so you can be notified when discounts and other unique offers become available. Take advantage of discounts both on-line and in stores. Discount offers average from 5% to 20% and can include free shipping. There is also a
Premium-Level Program, with discount offers averaging between 20% to 50% as well as limited time offers and special in-store events can be purchased for an annual fee of $29.95 by cardholders.


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On to Jamie-Lynn…

SCS: So why are you working with MasterCard on this program?

JLS: I think the program is relevant to the times. Everyone is looking for a way to save these days. I love that you can customize who you want to be alerted to. One of my favorite stores, Saks Fifth Avanue is participating. Who doesn’t want a discount from Saks?

SCS: Do you have any style tips for us?

JLS: I always splurge on accessories, particularly shoes. Don’t skimp on shoes. You need a good shoe because let’s face it, you are on your feet most of the day. I shop at Urban Outfitters, Gap, Old Navy and the like for my clothes as much as anyone else, however, I feel you can pull off anything as long as you have a great pair of shoes.

SCS: What are some of your favorite brands? Besides Christian Louboutin I see. I love your Orlans.

JLS: They are so comfortable! I have had them on since 7:30am and am surprised my feet don’t hurt. I also love Sergio Rossi. I think they are really sexy shoes.

SCS: What is your must-have this season?

JLS: I’m obsessed with anything purple. It has always been my favorite color. I love it and can’t get enough. I just saw this amazing purple coat in Ralph Lauren! Who knows if I will splurge?

SCS: So I hear you are starting a jewelry line. can you tell us about it?

JLS: It’s called CJ Free and will launch around the end of the year. My partner and I are all about gold beading which runs throughout the line. (Jamie-Lynn was wearing the cutest little gold beaded chain with a small dangling charm). We will have bangles, pendants, necklaces and will offer custom ordering. So many of our friends say ‘I love that bracelet and would like it with this charm," so customization will be a focus. The line will be available at cjfreejewelry.com and hopefully some specialty retailers soon.

SCS: So what else are you up to…acting-wise?

JLS: I will be on HBO’s Entourage for three episodes. It airs in two weeks. I play myself, well a version of Jamie-Lynn.

SCS: I love that show! Can you tell us more about your role?

JLS: I guess I can since it’s already out there, but I will be playing opposite Turtle. He comes out of his shell, so to speak. It’s the evolution of Turtle. I had a few scenes where I was able to work with the entire cast and the dynamic is amazing. That is why the show is such a success.

Don’t forget to enroll at savings.mastercard.com

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photo: Second City Style

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