It Bares Repeating…Think Long & Hard About Baring Your Midriff

  Yeah, yeah, yeah…we know. Crop tops (AKA, bare midriffs) are back again. It’s a trend that rears it’s ugly head it would appear once a decade. First there was Madonna in the early 80’s, then there was grunge over-exposure in the late 90’s. We got a break in the first decade of the 2000’s, but we just couldn’t escape them entirely. They are back. Well guess what? If you wore cropped tops in the 80’s or event the 90’s, I don’t care how great your abs may be today…don’t even think about it.
Even Madonna in her 'Lucky Stars' days wasn't ready for prime time abs.
Granted JLo looks amazing, but bare abs? Really?
Truth is, if you are over 30, it doesn’t matter how banging your body is, it’s tacky. Nobody wants to see that. Yes, even JLo with her enviable body and mid-section post giving birth to twins, is too old. Sorry. It’s time to face reality. This trend is best left for 20-somethings and younger. Got it? Leave it to your favorite celebs and D-list reality stars to expose their mid-sections. It doesn’t translate in real life. If you have to think twice about leaving the house with some belly exposed, go with the original thought and DON’T DO IT!
Even Britney's abs don't look like this anymore.
There are so many trends we love this season (see Spring Trends here), so skipping this one should not put a crimp in your style, but partaking in it will. The sheer fact I have to even debate this topic is disturbing, but with temperatures rising I am sure to be assaulted visually by jiggly abs, muffin tops and the like. I am truly terrified. I’m even trying really hard to get my abs back after having two kids, but the sad reality is…without a tummy tuck, I am going to have a layer of not-so-taught skin over my solid abs. That’s the reality for us real folks. So even if I ever do get my abs back, I will keep them covered…except maybe at the beach, laying flat on my back on a towel. I’m over 30, I’ve had kids and I own a mirror. OK, I am finished with my diatribe. Back to our regularly scheduled programming. – Lauren Dimet Waters Source: My brain and eyes Image: Second City Style Photos: NY Mag, Google, StyleBakery, Edible Apple

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