Interview. Jewelry Designer Alzerina Gomes Opens Up on Her Incredible Journey


Alzerina Gomes has been in the business of fashion her entire life.  She explains the beginning of her journey to me in a voice that rises and falls in a melodious Portuguese accent. Growing up in Cape Verde with a well-known fashion designer for a mother, Alzerina was exposed to all sides of the industry from a very young age. Naturally, she developed a love of design herself and started designing clothing in Cape Verde as well. But in a fortuitous trip to Paris in 1990, Alzerina found herself inspired by, not so much the couture, but the crystalline glimmer of Swarovski. While in Paris, she was able to work with Rosemarie Le Gallais, Creative Director of Daniel Swarovski Paris of the time.  And though many years have passed since, it is still clear that it was through Le Gallais’ guidance in fine jewelry design that led Alzerina to find her true calling.


Alzerina Gomes


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She tells me that she began crafting her own pieces in the late 90s, splitting her time between Paris and her native Cape Verde. By 2005, she had created an extensive jewelry line, Alzerina, and was ready to move to the opportunistic streets of New York. She set up her dazzling wares at trunk shows around the city, soon building a loyal following of private clients who chose her pieces for their weddings and other special events. Celebrities followed, mostly singers and pop artists who loved the glamorous drama of her pieces and how well they could be seen from a red carpet or stage. And how could they not? Alzerina uses Swarovski crystals and components in all of her pieces.  All her precious metals are between 18K to 24K gold or silver-plated and everything is completely nickel free. She also adds vintage beads to many pieces for a completely unique look. 

When asked what inspires her when designing this exquisite jewelry, she speaks like she’s talking about her one true love. She says that the woman is ultimately her muse, though not one type in particular. She admires women of all ages, all shapes and all backgrounds, and so aims to create something that any kind of woman would love. She adds that she gets much of her inspiration from the simplicity of movement. A way someone walks, or a flower swaying can be enough to set the foundation for her next design. “It’s a joy for me” she says in her tinkling, bubbly tone. “Its so personal, this idea I have coming to life. And because of that, I need to know it’s the best product I can offer. “ That personal guarantee has not failed the designer yet. Since her days of catering to exclusive private clients, Alzerina has opened her line to the masses through the power of the online sample sale; and after the eight sales she’s participated in, she’s never had a return. She also has a wildly popular following from her webstore,

As for the future of Alzerina and her little business that could, she hopes for a free standing boutique of her own in the next 2-3 years, as well as potentially working with department stores to carry her line. She says she would love to have a presence in Paris, as well as New York, since that was the place where her life was changed. “It’s a joy for me,” she laughs of the ongoing process. “And I’m working nonstop to make it all happen.”


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-Alia Rajput

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