I Want, I Need, I Must Have: Mulberry Oversized Alexa Bag

I am a big believer in love at first sight, that is, retail love. Have you ever been enamored with a glitzy gown or killer 5” heels – and can’t imagine life without them? Recently, I experienced one of those “want, need, and must have” moments while traveling in England. I was bitten by the Mulberry bug, and ever since, I’ve been obsessed with Mulberry’s posh purses.
Mulberry stores tempted me at every turn. Quickly becoming fixated with their classic carryalls, I wanted to own a bit of luxury from this quintessential English brand. The only thing separating me and the Oversized Alexa bag? I was interested in eating the rest of the week! Shelling out big bucks just wasn’t an option, but I know one day, I’ll own that Oversized Alex Bag and their oh-so-tempting Tillie Tote.
My attraction to Mulberry is their timeless, well-crafted, yet practical (but far from boring) bags. Yet for now, I’ll be dreaming of those bags. . . as well as their streamlined, snakeskin Bayswater bag. Have you ever been bitten by the bug? What is your favorite dream bag, shoe, or clothing article?
Buy your dream Mulberry bag here:
Oversized Alexa satchel, $1450
Bayswater bag, $1350
Tillie Tote, $1690
-Elise Ford
-Photo Sources: sograbyourscarf.onsugar.com, shoppingandinfo.com, Mulberry.com
-Image Layout: Elise Ford

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