Summertime Athleisure – Do’s And Don’ts

There’s no denying the fact that athleisure is here to stay, but there’s also no denying the fact that it’s tough to do it right, especially in hot weather and particularly for non-twentysomethings. But that said, it’s totally possible to not only pull off athleisure in the summer months, but to look great and be incredibly comfortable doing it. Read on for some of our tips on how to wear summertime athleisure.

Do: Look for fun details like mesh cutouts, lace-ups at the ankles, and other unique styling on solid, dark colored leggings, like these Lux Half Moon or these from Free People.

Don’t: Go for the crazy patterned leggings. That’s a tough look for anyone to pull off, so leave it for the trendy nineteen year-olds.


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Do: Simple visors or baseball caps are perfect for casual days and keeping the sun off your face. Something like this American Needle visor from Nordstrom would be an ideal option, especially in this flattering blush pink shade.

Don’t: Snapbacks or caps with slogans are always a bad idea. Always go classic with casual hats – stick with simple neutrals or your favorite team’s logo.

Do: Casual track jackets will forever be cool, especially the classic black and white Adidas three stripe jacket. Wear it over anything and everything.

Don’t: Brightly colored patterned track jackets plus matching pants and sneakers are tough for most of us to pull off, so leave that look back in the eighties where it belongs.
Do: Classic sneaker silhouettes done in modern neutrals work well for casual days – we love these Nike Blazer high tops for unexpectedly sleek take on high-tops, or go for luxe pool slides like these embroidered Guccis.

Don’t: Dad sneakers and “normcore” are not a good look for well, anyone, so leave the chunky white sneaks at the store.

Overall, summer athleisure is best when kept simple and sleek. Moreover if you go for modern updates on classic pieces, you’ll look perfectly elegant and casually cool in nearly every situation. And isn’t that a solid aesthetic goal in general?

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Pictured Above (from left to right):

Beyond Yoga Lux Half Moon Midi Leggings, $99

Free People Movement On Tour Leggings, $68

American Needle Visor, $24

Adidas Originals Supergirl Track Jacket, $70

Nike Women’s Blazer High Top Sneakers, $130

Gucci Pursuit Bengal Pool Slide Sandals, $290

–Jaqueline Zenn

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