How To Find the Best Promo Code for Bloomingdale’s (and Other Favorite Stores)

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You’re shopping a sale on one of your favorite department store sites. When it comes time to check out you grab the promo code listed on the front page of the site and get ready to add it to the the box. But do you ever wonder if that is really the best deal you can get? Or how about those times when you are shopping and there is no promo code at all and you simply can’t bear to leave that box blank. Do you wonder “Who has a promo code and how can I get one?” They wouldn’t have this box if there was not a chance to use a code, right? That’s why I now turn to Dealspotr to check for the best discounts available. Here’s how to find the best promo code for Bloomingdale’s and all your favorite stores.

How To Find the Best Promo Code for Bloomingdale’s

Here is an example of a recent shopping experience. I went to Bloomingdale’s and I found this (must-have) BB Dakota Leather Jacket for a good price, $380 for a fashionable real leather jacket. Still the price would be much better with a discount because who really wants to pay full retail?


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Then when I went to check out I saw that empty promo code box and I wondered what can one enter to get the best deal?

How To Find the Best Promo Code for Bloomingdale's

I saw on the site at the time they were running a Fashionable Fundraiser and offering a discount for $25% off if you use their credit card or 20% off with any form of payment when you use the code FASHFUND. I didn’t really want to use their credit card. I tested out the code, but I still wanted a better deal than 20%.

How To Find the Best Promo Code for Bloomingdale's


I saw an option to become a Bloomingdale’s Loyalist (which I already am) and then you get free shipping. This is nice, too, but not enough! I can do better. I prefer to get a really good deal because you know in a few months much of the fall fashion will be at least 20% Off.

Sign Up for The Newsletter for A Discount

How To Find the Best Promo Code for Bloomingdale's email

Often times you can sign up for a store’s newsletter to get a discount if you are a first time buyer. I’m already signed up for the Bloomingdale’s newsletter, so I checked my most recent email and the only deal they had going was for the Fashionable Fundraiser. But they also want you to be a fashion insider so you can get reward points. But this was an “or” option instead of the discount and since I was looking to spend over $380, this did not really make sense. I would have been able to get $75 in rewards cards, I already have $76 off with any credit card.

Search Google for Discount Codes

My plan was to find another discount code. So I searched Google for “Bloomingdale’s Promo Code” and it gave me a bunch of coupon sites. Deal hunters share their codes with other shoppers on coupon and deal websites, making them the ideal place to find working promo codes when you need them.

I have used RetailMeNot in the past for codes, and often they turned up unverified or did not work and I found myself trying a bunch of outdated codes and wasting a lot of time. I thought, “What if that jacket sells out in my size in the mean time?” But I wanted to try them again.

How To Find the Best Promo Code for Bloomingdale's reatil me not

I checked RetailMeNot, and they had all the same codes as what Bloomingdale’s offered. I already had the free shipping deal at Bloomingdale’s so this was nothing new.

How To Find the Best Promo Code for Bloomingdale's groupon

Next I checked Groupon and was excited to see a 25% Off coupon, however when I clicked to reveal the code it was (again!) the same FASHFUND as on the Bloomingldale’s site.

How To Find the Best Promo Code for Bloomingdale's dealspotr

Then I went to Dealspotr, and saw the same Bloomingdale’s deals again, 20% off, $25% off with your Bloomingdale’s card and free shipping. But the Dealspotr site is easy to use. I could see at a glance what was available and I could filter by promo codes, site wide, free shipping or sales.

How To Find the Best Promo Code BB Dakota

While I was at Dealspotr I double-checked any discounts by searching for the brand itself. BBDaketa offered 20% but did not even carry the same jacket! Now I felt I needed to make a move fast and I realized the deal Bloomingdale’s had going was really a good one! Suddenly I found myself quite happy to use my Bloomingdale’s card to get 25% off. The shipping was free and I saved $95 on the jacket dropping the price for a $380 jacket down to $285! That I could live with.

Next time I will save time and simply go to Dealspotr first to look for any new discount codes or if I need to double check discount codes on a shopping site. And I can share the deals I have found too, and on top of it I can earn points!

Bookmark Dealspotr & Become a Member

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Be sure to bookmark Dealspotr. Dealspotr is an open social platform connecting brands, influencers and shoppers. Their unique technology and strong community enable them to maintain the most complete and accurate database of coupon codes in the world.

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