How To Dress 15 Years Younger: Will You Really Wear A Poncho This Season?

525-poncho-fall-2015-trendsYou like to keep up with the latest trends, but when you see one come and go several (or more) times in your life, you wonder if you should attempt to try it again. When you saw this fall’s poncho trend, you may have been like me and uttered under your breath “Oh no, not again!” and had visions of Aztec print capes over huge bell bottoms (dragging on the ground) with Frye boots … at an Eagle’s concert – and skip the trend. But think again because the basic concept of a poncho is great. I mean, how many times do you wish you could wear a blanket because you are so chilly? Ponchos can also be quite flattering if they hit you in the right place, they have slimming angles as well as a provide lots of coverage. Many the ponchos of the season are back in a new way, so these aren’t your Charlie’s Angels ponchos of yesteryear. So the answer to the question is “yes!” You can rock the poncho trend once again. When you are no longer 25, keep the fringe and large bold prints to a minimum and avoid wearing it with 70s inspired flared jeans. My tip is to pair your poncho with modern skinny leg jeans or leather leggings. Find smaller shaped ponchos with little to no print. Here are 5 well-styled ponchos to keep you looking 15 years younger and are appropriate for any age!

Pictured above: 525 America Patchwork Poncho, $143

You can’t go wrong with this simple poncho with a turtleneck. Note how different a poncho looks from a 70s hippy look when styled with skinny jeans and pointed booties.

White-Warren-Cashmere-Two-Way Fringe-Poncho White + Warren Cashmere Two Way Fringe Poncho, $295


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Easy does it with the fringe! That’s the way they designed this thin layering poncho by White + Warren. Take a tip from this look and layer a shorter poncho over a longer sweater. I adore the versatility and how you can wear this a scarf, too! It’s perfect to carry in your tote bag all season long.

Oasis-High-Neck-poncho ASOS Oasis High Neck Poncho, $64.49

Check out the smaller easy shape of this poncho. It’s more like a sweater so you can wear a coat over it, too. Also – this is about as big as your bells should get with a poncho! A straight leg or boot let keeps the look chic. ZARA-Zara-Geometric-PonchoZara Geometric Jacquard Poncho, $69.90

I know I said to avoid large prints but this tonal black on grey geometric pattern is totally modern. However the super wide leg pants and oversized styling is super risky when you are over 30 and can make you look supersized, too. Stick to a slimmer pant. Excuse me for a moment while I purchase this poncho…

Mini-Rose-Cashmere-PonchoMinnie Rose Hooded Ruana Cashmere Poncho, $348

This sleek black poncho is flattering because it is not too long and sans fringe! It has a hood, too. The leather leggings and boots work beautifully with this look and under most ponchos. In other words, do try this at home!

– Carol Calacci    

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