How to Dress 15 Years Younger: The Printed Tunic Top Dilemma

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I have always been attracted to bold printed tunic tops. When I was in my 20’s I found a top (really meant for more mature ladies) that looked so much like a Versace boarder print I bought it and I wore it proudly! I still love a bold print, scarf print, boarder print or screen printed tunic even more so now because I like wearing short sleeves and the looser styling. (Ah ha, so that’s why “old ladies” like them!) But the problem now is I no longer have the best accessory to wear with these tunic tops: A wrinkle-free face!
To avoid truly looking like an old lady in a tunic top, take a cue from younger women how models are styled online when you shop. Wear these tunics with slim, leather, track style or flare pants or with a slim pencil skirt. The shoes you wear with this outfit are key! Nothing resembling a Cobbie Cuddler allowed! (i.e.: no rubber soles or any kind of squishy footwear). Instead, wear edgy pointed toe flats, strappy heels or relatively high heeled pumps. (You can wear 3 1/2-4 inch heels, come on!)
Burberry London Crepe Tapered Pants, $209.25
Michael Kors Zinnia Printed Wool and Silk-blend Top, $373.50
Black Halo High Waisted Pencil Skirt, $230
Pedro Garcia Muriel Studded Sandals, $628
Casadei Glitter Flats, $550
What’s the easiest way to look younger in your printed tunic? Wear it casually, with jeans and boots! That’s how I wore my ‘Versace’ top when I was 25!

– Carol Calacci

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