How To Dress 15 Years Younger: Say "No" To Culottes but "Yes" to Wide Leg Cropped Pants

I read somewhere recently that a quick way to update your wardrobe is with a pair of culottes. But culottes are so tricky to wear, I thought. As I read further the article showed a pair of cropped, wide leg pants. Those are not what I call culottes and yes, they do look cool! Wide cropped pants are a fantastic way to update your wardrobe, and not so tricky at all to wear.
culottes, Valentino, MMM
I’m down on culottes. Something about how culottes flare out just under the knee looks way too much like gauchos … to wear with Frye boots. They cut you off at a not-so-great place and then you must wear the right shoes and proportions to get it right. If you’re over 45 like me you just can’t go there…again! They are styled perfectly on these slim models from Net-a-Porter, above, but these will not flatter the average woman.
However there are many wide leg crop pants available to wear now and for fall that are very chic! Technically some of these are actually called culottes, but what I find much more flattering is the length hitting at the slimmest part of your leg, just above the ankle. You can wear them with platforms, sandals, flats, pumps or boots. You can pair them with a jacket, blouse or sweater, or (my favorite) with a long tunic. Shop these looks above!
Wide cropped, pants– Carol Calacci

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