How To Dress 15 Years Younger: Get Ripped!

One-teaspoon torn denim Jeans Can you really wear the latest ripped up trend if you’re in your 40s? I say yes, you can if you wear it the right way. Needless to say, you will look ridiculous in super torn jeans like the pair pictured above. (Are they shorts or jeans? “Sheans” maybe?) However, I do have a few tips for how to wear the torn or frayed look and still get a nod from a 25 year-old! 1. Go minimal! Keep on the number and size of the rips and tears small. 2. On jeans, make sure the rips are placed above the knees and not too big and open. No one wants to see old knobby knees or leathery skin popping through jeans! Even if you have beautiful legs and skin you may want to follow this rule simply to look age-appropriate. 3. Wear rips only when they are a integral part of the design. Many designers are using the ripped and frayed look in artful ways for fall so you will have options. Here are some examples of how to wear the ripped trend:


3X1 Denim Fringe Jacket, $325 preorder

First I want to show you a very elegant use of the frayed look on a jacket. Many designers are using fringe or torn edges to embellish denim and woven tops and jackets. This look is clean and modern, and nothing like a sloppy torn-up jean jacket.

LNA-Tee, Ripped neckLNA Ripped Neck Tee, $71


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Easy does it with torn neckline of this t-shirt! The sculptural look of this tee works because the rip creates an interesting design.

Rag-And-Bone-Torn-AnklesRag & Bone Leo Boyfriend Jeans, $225

This is the simplest way to get in on the trend in a tasteful way – by wearing jeans with frays at the hem. You will see unraveling hems in many denim styles including boyfriend, skinny and flare jeans this season.

True-Religion, Jeans, Distressed True Religion Cora Straight Leg Jeans, $218

These jeans still have rips and a cool broken in look without going overboard. Tell your daughter “No” don’t let her borrow them! – Carol Calacci Read Lauren’s article on how to wear distressed black jeans if you’re over 30.