How To Dress 15 Years Younger: To Wear Shorts Or Not To Wear Shorts?

Recently I have stated that I will never wear shorts, ever again! That is just my personal preference and my own issue about hiding my knees and legs! Women I know (Lauren) ask if they can still get away with wearing shorts as they get older. “Are shorts appropriate if you’re over 40?” That is a loaded question. So I did a little research and found many styles of shorts I think look very appropriate and stylish, too. Even if you have great legs, which will give you more options, you simply don’t want to look silly in a pair of shorts. Here are a few general guidelines to find sophisticated shorts that will still make you look cool. Find the best length for you. Right above the knee may be best for you or you may find you look better if they hit a few inches higher. You have to try them on! Give and take with proportions. You can wear them shorter if they are looser, boyfriend or tap pant style shorts but wear them longer if they are tighter, slim style shorts. Avoid ripped jeans and cut-offs. Jean shorts in black or white are a good option because they still look “neat.” Faded and torn cut-offs are best for rebellious 20 somethings. There is a cut-off date for cut-offs. You no longer want to rebel, in fact now you will do everything you can to blend in, fashionably of course! Check out designer shorts. You want the latest looks, right? Then go to the experts to find cutting-edge style. (That’s what I did!) Then you can find less expensive styles with similar silhouettes. Culottes Dries Van Noten Mixed-Stripe Satin Pheline Shorts, now $349 Over-the-knee shorts like these are a pair even I would wear. They are almost culottes, but cut a little slimmer. Be careful about over-the-knee lengths because they can make you look chopped off or dumpy! Note the model is styled in a higher wedge shoe creating a skirt-like look, but she can still walk on the grass at a cookout! Burmuda Trouser Ji Oh Belted High-Waist Bermuda Shorts, now $249 These slim trouser style Bermudas are classic and work to hide many figure flaws. They are the pencil skirt of shorts! romper

MM6 Maison Margiela Combo Romper, now $279 Take a look at rompers! Surprisingly, a romper may work for you if you are over 40. Some rompers like this one are very sophisticated, roomy and have longer length shorts. A one-piece jumpsuit can make you look more pulled together than shorts and a top.

Isabel Marant, Embroidered Cut-Off Jeans Shorts

Isabel Marant Étoile Agnes Embroidered Cut-Off Jeans Shorts, now $149 When jeans shorts are not too short, not too tight and not too beat up, you can wear them in public. Since these are white you can even get away with the cut-off fringe hem! Tap skirt Opening Ceremony Frond-Print Shorts, now $159 These are reserved for women with fantastic legs, but a tap pant style can work for older women. Only don’t wear tap shoes with them. – Carol Calacci


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