The Best Home Accents That Will Make a Big Impact

This has probably happened to you before. You walk into a room in someone else’s house and your eyes suddenly become fixated on one outstanding piece. This may be a chair, a bench, an ottoman or even a tray or vase. This single home decor item just pops out at you. It becomes your focal point and you can’t stop looking at it. It almost becomes a piece of artwork. Well you can have one in you’re own home. It’s a home accent piece!

It’s amazing how just one home decor item can make an entire room sing! There are so many fabulous home design pieces available at reasonable prices I was inspired to share my finds. You may not be ready for an entire room makeover, but if you add one accent piece to your home it can make a huge difference. An accent piece can bring you joy, add a smile to your face, and it may just give you a new perspective. If you choose the right one, you (and your guests) won’t want to stop looking at it.

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Since I am not an interior designer, I am applying the same rules I use when styling fashionable outfits to home decor. A home accent piece is very much the same as a fashion accessory. You know how you like to add a bold pop of color with your handbag or your shoes? Well, you can do the same thing in your home. A bold colored accent chair like this TOV Magnolia Hot Pink Velvet Chair or this more traditional Leila Chesterfield Velvet Club Chair in Emerald would be all you need to change up your room. Position one in a strategic place so it will be seen the minute anyone walks in the room. Or how about that boring empty spot in the hallway? It’s worthy of an pop-of-color accent piece, too.

Another general rule I use for styling fashion to play with opposites. Opposing colors and contradictory trends always make an outfit more interesting and this rule can work for your home. For example, if your entire room is contemporary, consider adding an antique style chandelier or an over-the-top ornate vase. Conversely, if your home is totally slick and modern, you may want to add something warm and earthy, like this Saddler Bench in tobacco oak. On the flip side, if you have all antiques, this gleaming silver stainless steel bench would certainly stand out! Benches make fantastic accent furniture because they don’t take up a lot of room if you have limited space. Besides they provide extra seating.

You don’t have to spend a fortune and you don’t need a large piece of accent furniture to make an impact in your home. It can be something small and practical like a tray, a lamp or pillows. These Missoni Home Valentino cushions are lightweight and portable too. They are large (20 x 20) so you can use them as extra floor seating as well as oversize throw pillows on a large sofa. Playing with proportions is another way fashion works, and one oversized piece is in decor too! If you get 2 of these pillows I would get 2 different patterns. Just like what your wear, you don’t want to be too matchy-matchy in your home.

Color is an easy way to add an accent, but unusual or arresting design and texture can work as well. This Verlaine Isla Black Velvet Ottoman is so symmetrically designed that it will stand out in any room. This Aerin Eva Chandelier is white but it forms a sculptural pattern that is sure to take center stage in your home. These pieces prove that even something in black or white can make a perfect accent piece for your home!

Home Accent Styling Tips

Plunge in!

My idea of an accent piece is to go for an eclectic look. That way your piece will really stand out. Choose a bold or vivid color that will pop. It may even be a pastel lilac or aqua, as long as it contrasts with the rest of your room. Find pieces in styles that are the opposite if your room. Choose something modern if you own a lot of antiques, or try something baroque or medieval for a modern home. Choose designs and materials that will make a splash. Sparkly shiny glass or metals stand out as well as unusual natural materials like marble or feathers.

Try it out.

With home design you really need to bring your accent piece into the room you are decorating. Online services such as Wayfair are great about returns because they understand this concept. But with fabulous online deals like the accent chairs I found at Gilt, you cannot return them. So bring your laptop with the picture of the chair into the room to see how the color looks. That’s why smaller items like pillows and vases are a good way to try an accent piece, because they are easier to transport and return. When it comes to color, if it is one you love, it will probably work in your home.

color wheel for pop of color home accents

Use the color wheel.

If you are going for color but don’t know where to begin, complementary colors work well to provide an accent color. On the color wheel, complementary colors are the opposite of a color you may already have all over your room. For example if you have a lot of blues, try something in the orange, or even pink or red hues. This does not have to be exact, but the color wheel can be used as guide. It shows you how and why certain colors can pop.

Go with your gut!

An accent piece can be something you just happen to love. Display it like a pieces of artwork, and make it your own personal statement.

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Pictured above from left to right:

Crystorama Ashton 6-Light Chandelier, was $2,040, now $599

TOV Magnolia Hot Pink Velvet Chair, was $1,500, now $509.99

Leila Chesterfield Velvet Club Chair in Emerald, was $366.99, now $293.59 

Sadler Bench in Tobacco Oak, now $375.99

Modway Sauna 5′ Stainless Steel Bench, $307 

Edie Parker Vanity Tray in Malachite, was $295, now $147.50

Verlaine Isla Black Velvet Ottoman/Stool, was $175, now $89.99

Aerin Eva Chandelier, was $700, now $499.99

Missoni Home Valentino Cushion, 20” X 20” blue, $255, now $124.99

Missoni Home Valentino Cushion, 20″ X 20″ orange, $255, now $129.99

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