Holly Mordini and Chicago Smashbox Event at Ulta on State Steet

IMG_0737National Artist Melissa Janus and QVC Smashbox spokeswoman Holly Mordini explaining the history of the Smashbox brand

A few lucky patrons got a taste of exactly what it takes to have the flawless makeup of high profile celebrities. Smashbox Cosmetics Vice President, Global Artistry/Education and QVC spokeswoman Holly Mordini and National Artist Melissa Janus made a rare Chicago appearance at the State Street Ulta store last night. Before the event, Mordini sat down with me to talk about Smashbox's current best sellers and newest additions.


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One of the newest products Smashbox has for the upcoming holiday season are the holiday Wish collections. Five holiday gift sets, each one focusing on a specific part of the face, contains mini versions of the collections that are already available in stores. It also helps that a dollar from every box sold goes to the Children’s Miracle Network.

 The holiday Smashbox Wish Collection Sets

While having a conscious mind of the holiday season, the brand is also concerned with a person having a more natural look than creating ultimate perfection. Though Smashbox is one of the innovators of the HD makeup technology, it is not all about looking like the perfect China doll. Mordini explained to me how one of the best tips would be to have a natural look. “How about not to look HD, but to look natural?” Mordini told me. “We get so caught up in perfection, but what is perfection? I don’t want to look like a porcelain doll!”

One of the newest products coming out that Mordini is more than happy to say is on her wish list is the Halo collection. This is one of Smashbox’s newest collections, in which all of the products contain anti-aging and hydrating properties. Starting initially on QVC in December 2008, the Halo foundation quickly became a popular studio brand. This lead to the discussion of its newest product: the first ever anti-aging eyeshadow.


The next big trend coming from Smashbox that Mordini is more than happy about is the Smashbox PRO Artist line. These are special products created for those makeup experts and professionals. The first product being introduced on QVC next Tuesday will be Lash Liner. The small felt tip pen is used to blend into the lashes to create the illusion of thicker lashes. Before, makeup pros would take the mascara from the wand and blend it into the lashes to create this effect.

The two-hour Smashbox master class was introduced by Mordini, and instructed by Janus. She instructed the class on how to create the perfect foundation for skin, makeup and brows. One of the tips Janus put the most emphasis on was the eyes. “The eyes become such a feature when the perfect canvas is put together,” Janus explained while showing the class how to shape one’s brows.

IMG_0748 Melissa Janus helping a Smashbox fan create the perfect eyebrows

The Smashbox QVC episodes air every Tuesday at 1:30am, 1 pm and 8 pm CST.

—Taneisha Jordan

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