Holiday Gift Picks For Everyone On Your List With Robert Verdi

So last week I was lucky enough to attend Robert Verdi’s Holiday Tweet This! which was sponsored by P&G. It’s like a themed Oprah’s Favorite Things with gift ideas for everyone on your holiday list…procured by our favorite celebrity stylist. When our friends and colleagues arrived there was a massive LL Bean Hunter’s Tote Bag ($29) waiting for us on our seats and as it turned out, it wasn’t remotely big enough to hold the items that we would be receiving. There were too many to list here (or carry home) so I am going to present some of my favorites of Robert’s favorites and then I will share with you some of his unique gift ideas from a one-on-one gift giving interview I had with him last Thursday. So here we go with the picks I particularly loved; 1. For the Gadget Guru Rumba Time Perry GO – 42mm, $50 Granted I am giving this to my husband, but catch this…The Perry GO, powered by VITA, features cashless payment in a stylish lightweight watch! You use the unique 8 digit VITAnumber to establish your contactless payment account, free for the first year and only $9.95 each year thereafter. Then your VISA Contactless Payment Card will arrives 5-7 business days after signing up. Then just insert it into the innovative silicone sleeve on your watch band, and wave it at the point of sale to make purchases at the thousands of US retailers who accept contactless payment! Seriously cool! 2. For the 21st Century Teen Zinen Tomato Headphones, $100 I am keeping these because I needed headphones, but what teen wouldn’t want these? Brookstone Bluetooth® Silicone Keyboard for iPad® Tablet, $59.99 Yep…keeping this too! I almost bought this too. To think! 3. For the Fit n’ Fun Family Microsoft X-Box Game System, Plus Kinect, $299 Merry Christmas to all! Fun for the whole family! 4. For The Glam Gal Pal Tide to Go Pen 1 Instant Stain Remover, 10 ml,$2.95 Every girl on the go needs this miracle stain removing stick! Which can be perfectly held in… Lauren Merkin – Twilight Glitter Encrusted, $180 This perfect holiday glitter clutch! 5. For The Oh-so Lovely In-Laws Jessica Cushman Rope Handled Tote,$65 Fill this with cleaning products and you are as good as gold…to the in-laws. 6. For The Do-It-All Mom The Liar, The Bitch and the Wardrobe, $10.20 I can’t wait to dive into this book with a cup of tea. Note, Robert Verdi did the styling for the characters! 7. For The Furry Little Critter Fab Dog – Green Cherry Rain Coat, $32 Um, every dog deserves a rain coat! 8. For The Jetsetter Robert Verdi “Lizzie” Aviator Sunglasses, $29.90 Robert Verdi’s HSN line of sunglasses are a lot of smash for the cash! I am still waiting for the pair he names after me called ‘Hot Momma Lauren.’ 9. For The The Busy Boss Moleskine 12 months – Daily Planner, $16.95 I love a daily planner that gives you an entire page for the day! 10. For The Hip Holiday Hostess Bazaar 15×30 HandTowels (set of 3) – Alcazar, $52  
Robert Verdi and his adorable dog Winky.
My one-on-one interview with Robert Verdi about holiday gift giving: Second City Style (SCS): That was so much fun last night! Thanks for having me. I loved some of your cleaning tips with the P&G products. Robert Verdi (RV): Here is another one! Use a capfull of Dawn Power Clean to wash your down pillows. You know how they get all flat? That’s because the oils from your skin has weighed down the feathers (um, gross…really?). So add a capfull of this Dawn liquid detergent when you wash them and then out them in the dryer with a bunch of tennis balls on really low heat for 2 hours. They will be good as new! SCS: Who knew you were a stylist and a clean freak? What else have you got? RV: Add a Tide Stain Remover Stick when you present the hostess with a bottle of red wine! It shows you have a sense of humor and allows you to feel comfortable getting a little messy. SCS: I LOVE that idea. A bottle of wine is so expected. A stain stick? Not so much. RV: Oh and here is a red carpet secret…the best evening wraps can be found in the home goods department of your favorite department store or even Marshalls! It’s a society lady trick. A great throw can make a beautiful evening wrap. You just need to know how to tie it. SCS: That’s brilliant! Now how can women get into the holiday spirit at the office and still be taken seriously? Holiday sweaters are so 1992 and well, horrifying and tacky. RV: Personality manicures for the holidays are a great way to make a statement and they last a week or more! How about a candy cane stripe or a super bright or sparkly nail? Cover Girl makes some fabulous nail-polishes for a do-it-yourself manicure. SCS: OK. This question is a little more for me, but I am sure other women can relate. What are some creative and useful gifts for men other than cufflinks, ties and cologne? All of which my husband is sick of and I’m tired of buying. RV: I think women forget that guys today need a bag! They carry chargers, a phone, possibly an iPad and chapstick. If they cram everything into their pockets they look distorted. Most men realize this when they see a photo of themselves with their crap crammed into their pockets. So how about a cool messenger bag? Coach and Mulberry are just two companies that make ‘manly’ leather bags. SCS: That’s a great idea, but my husband already gets the ‘man bag’ thing. I guess he’s a little more evolved/confident. What else should I consider for him? It has gotten to the point I just flat out ask what he wants which isn’t fun for either of us. RV: Women tend to understand the power of accessories better than men, so capitalize on that. What about a snakeskin belt or a bright orange belt? Even a blue belt takes a white shirt and jeans to another level. Most guys don’t understand how to take classic up a notch. How many brown and black belts do they already own? SCS: I love that idea! Keep them coming… RV: OK, don’t get your man another pair of black or dark brown shoes. How about a beautiful light brown? It’s a very versatile color. Oh and don’t be afraid to get your man another watch. men can never have too many! SCS: These are great! RV: I’m on a roll! Also like I showed you last night…putting ‘man products’ in a tool box is not only clever, but useful. It will make him feel less metrosexual too. SCS: Any last ‘RV tips’? RV: Lots of time we lose the sentiment of a written card. Nobody writes anymore! It’s so much more special than just sending a picture card of the kids. And on that note, instead of taking a picture with Santa why not take a snapshot of something funny from your actual life? For instance this past Halloween I had my entire family don those hideous red wax lips and took a picture! It was hysterical and I am using that for my holiday card this year. SCS: Great Robert. I just ordered our cards of the boys with Santa! Now I feel common. However, I will remember this for next year. Does it help my one son was bawling? RV: Hey, that’s real life! SCS: Yes it is. Yes it is. Happy holidays Robert!
Here I am trying to figure out how I will get all of this out the door and the ONLY time you will see my in public in my glasses!
Feel free to check out all of Robert Verdi’s holiday picks here! – Lauren Dimet Waters Image Layout: Laura Burkhardt Photos: Hal Horowitz  

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