H&M Releases Its First "Fashion Family" Collection

Yesterday, Monday, October 22nd, H&M launched its first “Fashion Family” Collection. As if your daughters weren’t already the spitting image of you, now they can dress like you too, without stealing your lipstick and heels. H&M makes it easy this season to get stylish looks for the whole family without sacrificing individual style.
The woman’s line consists of collarless jackets, matching mini’s, and a variety of shift dresses. The line is easy to mix-and-match and features shades of blush, graphic black and white pieces, and a range of different textures. The mini-me girls collection has similar pieces but are structured to fit a younger body with peplum flairs and appropriate lengths.
The boys too can look chic and fabulous with a touch of rock and roll. The guys line spices things up with a leather jacket, black fedora, and knit sweaters. The men’s line is sophisticated and easy to wear, making looking good that much more accessible.
All of the pieces in the collection are chic, wearable, and great for transitioning during the fall months. Along with the clothing comes a line of accessories like a linen scarf and black shades that are both functional and stylish for the entire family.
Check out the exclusive video featuring the “Fashion Family” Collection at H&M.

– Kendall Hill

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