Here It Is! Karl Lagerfeld's Magnum Ice Cream Commercial

Rachel Bilson getting tips from director Karl Lagerfeld

If you've been paying any attention to the goings on of The Kaiser the past few months, then you know Karl Lagerfeld had signed himself up for one of the more unorthodox jobs a legendary designer has taken—ice cream commercial director. Tapped by Magnum ice cream bars to helm the new series of film ads ads, Lagerfeld dutifully worked his magic a created a medium the only way he knew how—sexy, edgy, fashionable… cream. Sure, why not?

The short films star Rachel Bilson and of course, Lagerfeld's darling, model and all-out Adonis, Baptiste Giabiconi. Sure the project may seem a little off-kilter for Lagerfeld's prowess, but it seems the fashion world is not taking the job lightly. Last week's premiere at New York's IAC Center brought out Anna Wintour, who took time off of her similarly "icy" schedule to watch Rachel Bilson eat ice cream alongside Lagerfeld and slew of other industry insiders. Now THAT is one special ice cream bar.


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Luckily we were able to nab one of the three video ourselves for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to note Giabiconi's sensual charisma practically oozing out of his pores, even as he pretends to be a frustrated photographer. Bilson is all wide-eyed girlish charm as per usual and the two of them together are, dare we say, magnetic. The only thing is, we're not quite sure ice cream is what we want after watching the ads. We'll let you decide for yourself…..

-Alia Rajput

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