Heidi Klum and the Gang Not Judging Project Runway All-Stars?

If you thought that Heidi Klum would just always be available for any type of Project Runway television broadcast, you better think again.
There have been the recently rumblings of the highly anticipated Project Runway All-Stars but it seems that Klum will not be in on it. As of now, the All-Stars show, featuring past contestants and fan favorites, is currently filming in New York without her. Allegedly, the duty of hosting came down to money terms. According to Rumorfix.com, Klum and the production staff could not come to an agreement on money.
But the show must go on, right? Lifetime has hired another  supermodel to take Heidi’s place! Who could ever sit and judge hilariously in the space between Michael Kors and Nina Garcia?! A rep for Project Runway confirmed the rumor: “There will be a new host and there will be new judges, which we will release later.” The rep also stated that to be clear “Heidi is not leaving Project Runway.”
Word on the street has it that Klum’s replacement is model Angela Lindvall. According to Modelinia, Lindvall said on her blog in July,  “Here I am in New York City!  I landed a huge opportunity that will have me here for a month. Have to keep it top secret for now…'”
Wait… So new judges and a new host?! Are we still even watching Project Runway or is this trickery for that other fashion show?
– Taneisha Jordan
Source: rumorfix.com
Photo: Ginacarbone.com

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