Happy #NationalLipsticKDay!

It’s here! No, it’s not just Friday, but today is also National Lipstick Day! So take a selfie with your favorite color and share it with the hashtag #NationalLipstickDay! Not into selfies? We get it so see below for some of our favorite lipsticks right now. The current rage is the matte lipsticks and glosses. It took me a while to warm up to them because they are a little dry and more for millennials. You can still wear them if you are over 40, but you might want to add a touch of gloss. So may I suggest ChapStick’s Total Hydration Natural Age Defying Nourishing Lip Formula? It makes a great base or a fabulous sealant for those drier lipsticks. I just love it and you can find it at any drugstore.

And if you don’t like your lipstick color today or am just not into lipstick (but how can that be?) there’s this must-have FREE app called YouCam Makeup with which you can add whatever color lipstick you like! I hate to admit I use it app myself, but I do (the secret is out). YouCam Makeup receives over 1.5 million virtual lipstick try-on’s daily! You can also add eye-makeup, but today is strictly about lipstick.

So grab your favorite color and pout for the camera. Happy #NationalLipstickDay!


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