Happy 20th Anniversary To INTIMACY Bra Fit Stylists!

Intimacy_900_shops INTIMACY Bra Fit Stylists is celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year! I first became aware of the stores from the Oprah Show which influenced many of my friends to get proper bra fittings at INTIMACY. Now they would never buy bras anywhere else. I once asked a friend if she lost weight and she said, “Nope, I went to INTIMACY.” Yes, you may pay a little bit more, but you get a custom fit with exclusive bras from an INTIMACY Bra Fit Stylist. To do justice to the fashions we love, it’s vital to wear the right undergarments.
Pretty lingerie at INTIMACY
Swimwear in many sizes
Bright Hanky Panky panties
I had the opportunity to get a fitting last week, and now I understand why women are sold on INTIMACY. My problem is more one of “filling out” than “minimizing” so I was worried that they would tell me I wear a negative A cup or something sad. I actually do wear the size I thought and I even got to go up a cup size in one of the lines. So here is the deal: Intimacy carries (gorgeous, I have to add ) European bras, and these bras have 9-16 different cup sizes from A-K, where American brands have only 6 cup sizes A-DDD. So that is why you can get a much better fit! (It’s not that I am so buxom!) I made my appointment, and Ashley (Assistant Manager at 900 North Michigan Shops in Chicago) was assigned my fit stylist. We had a lot of fun and she made me feel totally comfortable. She showed me many options, including bright colors. Women should not think they should always wear neutrals or T-shirt bras, because there are so many varieties. Ashley showed me how to pull the band down to avoid any back fat or binding and adjust the straps so they will never move. She showed me how to lean forward and move the underwires out to the sides in order to fill the cups properly – and voila – I even had cleavage! It was hard to decide because INTIMACY carries so many beautiful bras and panties. Before I left I filled out a wish list, just in case someone needs a future gift idea! They also carry body smoothers by PrimaDonna (so comfortable) and Hanky Panky basics (in not so basic colors). And yes, you can even find a T-shirt bra, in fact I found a very pretty one to add to my wish list.
It’s hard to decide!
I decided on not-so-basic black by Chantelle Paris!
Six secrets you didn’t know about your lingerie: 1. Nude is not only boring, but it’s also unnecessary. Bet you didn’t know you can wear a red bra under a white shirt? 2. Lace bras are stronger than t-shirt bras. 3. You shouldn’t feel your bra all day. And you should never have to adjust or tug at it. 4. American bras have almost nothing in common with European bras. 5. Lingerie fashion changes simultaneously with runway fashion. When was the last time you went shopping for a new fashion collection? 6. If your bra straps are falling down, it’s because your bra band (that’s the number, i.e., “34”) is too big.
Happy 20th Anniversary to INTIMACY! Here’s to many more years!
INTIMACY opened in 1992 in Phipps Plaza, and was the first store of its kind to carry European inspired lingerie collections from brands rarely carried n the Atlanta area, and today has 17 stores in 14 states. They carry fabulous brands including PrimaDonna, Marie Jo, Empreinte Chantelle and Freya, to name a few. Visit INTIMACY at 900 North Michigan Shops in Chicago or at myintimacy.com to find a store near you. Get hooked on getting the right fit – and start collecting! – Carol Calacci Photos: Second City Style

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