H2O+ Beauty Makes Waves While Celebrating 25 Years

h2o-beauty-hydrating If you are a fan of H2O+ Beauty you are probably aware it’s now e-commerce driven and there are no longer free standing stores. Today everyone can enjoy the products with their easy-to-browse website. The company was founded in Chicago by Cindy Melk who believed hydration was the source of beautiful skin. 25 years later, she’s still right! To celebrate their 25 anniversary, H2O+ Beauty is offering a deluxe edition of their popular Oasis Hydrating Treatment which keeps skin continually hydrated for 24 hours (I can vouch for this!)


H20 Plus Beauty Oasis Hydrating Treatment Deluxe Edition 25th Anniversary, $48

In honor of their 25 year milestone, H2O+ Beauty is continuing its ongoing mission of supporting and empowering underserved women and helping them reach their fullest potential through Making Waves, an initiative launched in March 2016. H2O+ Beauty is sharing in the success of the Oasis Hydrating Treatment with a donation to Girls Inc. of Alameda County, an charity that serves over 8,000 girls and empowers them to navigate gender, economic and social barriers. girlsinc_h2oplus_1 I had the opportunity to ask Joy Chen, the CEO of H2O+ Beauty, a few questions when she was in Chicago earlier this month. First I had to tell her how much I love the website, their mission through Making Waves and how innovative some of the products are. She told me they simplified the product line to 44 products and updated the packaging. They made sure to keep the H2O+ Beauty favorites, but added some new products to the line-up. There are more items for the woman-on-the-go, such as the Elements On the Move Cleansing Stick which is a portable cleanser that’s perfect for travel or to carry in your tote bag. h20-plus-anti_aging_products_1 And what are Joy’s favorites products? “I love the anti-aging line: the Infinity+ Firming eye cream, it addresses 6 signs of aging; the Infinity+ serum, which is oil infused but water based and the Infinity+ Deep Sleep Recovery Cream.” she told me. Other fan favorites are the Oasis Hydrating Treatment and the Elements Shaken not Stirred Makeup Remover. Next I had the opportunity to try Joy’s favorite products and loved how they felt on my skin – hydrating but not greasy. Try them for yourself! The prices are quite reasonable for skincare, and be sure to check out the value trial sets! Visit H2O+ Beauty here! – Carol Calacci Photos: H2O+ Beauty and Second City Style Products received for review but the opinions are my own.


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