Project Runway Review: Season 14, Episode 9 – Make It Sell & Memorable Quotes

It’s back to school, kids! The remaining Project Runway designers find themselves in a classroom setting and as expected most are confused, moaning and reminiscing that they weren’t great students. Tim Gunn is at the head of the classroom with JustFab Fashion Director Yuchin Mao. She explains to the class that JustFab has recently expanded …

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First Cars & How Normal Privileged Kids Grew Up

When I read that Khloé Kardashian was traumatized on her 16th birthday because her mom of the year Kris had a Mercedes delivered to herself and KK thought it was for her, I cried tears. Real tears. That poor, poor girl. Here are my thoughts on this klear kut kase of child abuse.

We Are Knitters: Making Knitting Easy

My dearly departed and beloved Grandma Kay taught me how to knit when I was a little girl. She could make anything (at least that is how I remember her) with a sewing machine and by knitting. I still have a sweater she knit for me over 30 years ago that I actually sometimes wear …

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