Don’t Miss It! We Will Recap & Dish On Real Housewives Fashion

Since I already waste so much watching reality TV such as the Housewives of Wherever I thought we should start recapping and discussing some of the fashions (and fashion tragedies) from some some of my favorites Housewives such as the upcoming RHONY and the new and probably sure to be unbelievably over-the-top Dallas. So stay tuned for recaps coming this April. If all goes well, we may also do The Bachelor/Bachelorette since I don’t usually watch it, but I know many of our readers do. I will be live Tweeting too so be sure to follow us.

Project Runway Review: Season 14, Episode 9 – Make It Sell & Memorable Quotes

It’s back to school, kids! The remaining Project Runway designers find themselves in a classroom setting and as expected most are confused, moaning and reminiscing that they weren’t great students. Tim Gunn is at the head of the classroom with JustFab Fashion Director Yuchin Mao. She explains to the class that JustFab has recently expanded …

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