Glam Slam. Listen to the Queen (of All Media): Maternity Wear Ain't Cool…Unless You Are Pregnant. Second City Style Fashion Blog


Yes, it’s true. Some of us at Second City Style read and love the celebrabitchy, self-proclaimed Queen of All Media, Perez Hilton. We especially love him when he reigns in on fashion trends (but not when he dyes his hair pink). His critique of Bjork would seem all too easy, but the fact remains…too many not pregnant women are wearing maternity clothes! We hate it and so does Perez! Next year you will look at pictures of yourself wearing these moo-moos (if you are in fact partaking in this disturbing trend) and gasp in horror. You will berate yourself for letting a trend overtake your better judgment.

Our vote is to leave it (at the curb for Goodwill to pick up)!

Read what Perez said here

Photo: Perez Hilton

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