Second City Style Giveaway. Leopard Complete Traveler 3-piece Weekend Bag


Win this Lori Greiner Leopard Complete Traveler 3-piece Weekend Bag!

This convenient, three-piece Lori Greiner signature luggage set is great for short trips or overnight stays. It includes a weekend bag, detachable toiletry roll, and removable cosmetic case. The bag closed measures 15"H x 19"W x 12"D. Retail Value: $46.98.


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Check out how it works below. (Please note the one shown is just for demonstration. The bag pictured above is the actual giveaway bag).

Whether traveling for pleasure or business this bag makes it so you are never caught digging through your “bottomless pit” of a bag in the security line, looking for your Ziplock bag holding your most important assortment of liquids. With its three zip pockets with dividers and U shaped opening, your bags can be easily found and retrieved!

With a detachable toiletry roll and a removable cosmetic case this bag can also organize even the messiest of all people. It offers plenty of room to keep things neat and tidy with enough room for a weekend’s worth of outfits and several pairs of shoes. Plus it fits nicely in most overhead bins.

Here’s what you need to do to win:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell us about the first trip you plan to take/use the Complete Traveler 3-piece Weekend Bag
  2. Make sure to include your name & email address
  3. Only one entry per person
  4. Must have U.S. shipping address
  5. A winner will be the one with the best answer
  6. You have until Tuesday, June 24 at midnight (EST) to enter
  7. The winner will be notified Wednesday, June 25   

If you can’t wait, you can purchase the Complete Traveler 3-piece Weekend Bag online here

10 thoughts on “Second City Style Giveaway. Leopard Complete Traveler 3-piece Weekend Bag”

  1. This would be absolutely perfect to accompany me on my trip to New York. I need something sharp for my job interview 😉

  2. Next month I’ll be meeting my fiance’s family for the first time. We’ll be meeting them at the airport – This bag would make a great impresstion! In August I’ll be heading to Germany for several weeks, and having this bag would be great to organize my stuff over that time. I travel a lot for work and my boring black bag just doesn’t fit my personality at all!

  3. I am going to Vegas at the end of July, and this weeekend bag would be perfect for my trip! It will be my first trip to Vegas, and I will be going for business and leisure (I will be attending the WSA show) because I’m starting an online shoe boutique and need to know the latest in footwear fashion. Thanks!

  4. Love it! My next trip will be a much needed vacation, anywhere, with my husband, minus the 3 children. “Nana” will be in town soon to watch the boys, so hubby and I need to get away, if only for an overnight trip to the resort down the street!

  5. Wow, what cute luggage! I always love the animal prints because they match everything. The size of the bag is so versatile it would also be a good match for many “get up and go” occasions. Getting organized on the go is a great feature so you don’t hold up everyone in line at the airport. And the best part of the presentation is….everyone will be envious of the cool, wheeled, Leopard print bag!

  6. Once upon a blue moon,
    A group of friends will have a re-un-ion.
    When the girls see this bag,
    You know they’ll go mad,
    And their squeals will touch an unheard note.
    I won’t want to brag,
    But I know they’ll wish they had
    This super-chic feline dream tote!

  7. This bag would be great on weekend business trips. Carrying those bulky bags is terrible when you are trying to check-in the hotel. It would be great to bring some style to some not so boring business.


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