Full Figure Fashionistas Can Look Darling in Denim

Full Figure Fashionistas Can Look Darling in Denim

Full Figure Fashionistas Can Look Darling in Denim

Tue, 2005-09-13 17:00

With a projected $47 billion in sales for 2005, the plus-size market has arrived as a viable and vibrant force in fashion. From mass-market outlets to high-end labels, denim has emerged as a cornerstone of this explosive growth among curvaceous consumers; like its straight-size counterparts, plus-size denim runs the gamut of price points, fabric quality, and design detailing.

An old favorite from the 80’s, ZCavaricci reigns supreme as the plus-size market’s department-store street chic label. Running from sizes 14-24, ZCav is a go-to jean for those looking to punch up their weekend wardrobes or exploring their options for casual Fridays. Priced anywhere from $65 to $75, their fashion-forward washes and attention to pocket and button detailing belies the price. Hallmarks of ZCavaricci include a figure-flattering boot cut, a waist-defining mid-rise, and curve-conscious stretch.


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Known for its stylish separates and classic wrap dresses, Kiyonna has also thrown its hat into the denim ring with their Signature Jeans. The real star of this pair of jeans is the color — a dark and dressy jet indigo without slubbing or fading. Punched up with back pocket detailing and glamorous old stitching, these jeans are a superlative choice for casual Fridays or a Girls Night Out. Priced around $100, the Signature offers a high-end jean in women’s sizes at a moderate price.

Finally, the holy grail of plus-size denim has recently been located, and surprisingly it’s in L.A.! SVOBODA, a designer line of super premium plus-size denim, is the only label of its kind currently offering these types of jeans in extended sizes. Running on a 14-24 grade, SVOBODA offers jeans, skirts, and jackets that redefine the way plus-size shoppers purchase denim. At $225, these pieces are in a comparable price range to peers such as Seven and Rock and Republic; however, the average plus-size consumer has never had the opportunity to try on these types of jeans, let alone buy them. With their hand sewn stitch detailing, street chic distressing, and ultra soft fabric, SVOBODA has quickly become a success story in the competitive world of plus-size fashion, with more and more customers clamoring for this type of jaw dropping jean.

While the aforementioned denim labels are found primarily at upscale department stores and independent boutiques, there have been a handful of exciting opportunities for the plus-size market at a number of mass-market retailers, a trend spearheaded by Old Navy. Having recently launched a plus-size department at a number of flagship stores, Old Navy translates the same styles from the straight sizes into a plus-size grade, including their signature denim. Jeans, skirts, and jackets now come in sizes 14-28, sizes previously untouched by these types of retailers.

Finding that flawless pair of foxy jeans is always a struggle, especially for those who wear sizes 12 and above. For us fuller figured femmes, there are a small but imperative handful of rules that shall now dominate your thoughts while shopping for your next pair of jeans:

In the name of all that is good and holy, DO NOT WEAR TAPERED JEANS. Tapered jeans are a pox on modern fashion. Because of their poor proportional cut, they add more “wide” to your already wide load and make your ankles look like the size of a walnut. Does this sound, let alone look flattering? The answer is no. Avoid them at all costs.

Jeans should be tight. Yes, tight. So many curvaceous cuties downplay their bodacious bodies in jeans that bag, sag, and drag. This is an easily avoided tragedy. If your jeans can fold over than touch themselves at your knees, or droop under your derrière, you are adding lumps and bumps, NOT “hiding” them!

Your best cut is a mid rise, NOT a high rise. Believe it or not, less is more when it comes to the rise of your jeans. Wearing your jeans up to your breastbone increases the “sausage” factor tenfold. This is not good. Rather, the rise of the jeans should be flush to the small of your back and your hips, which makes for a smooth shape against your curves.

With such a proliferation of sassy and sexy jeans on the market for those with a little junk in the trunk, every full-figured fashionista can feel delicious and darling in denim!

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