Fresh Kidz Deodorant: Made For Smelly Teens, But I Like It Too!


When I was invited to a launch event for a puberty masking deodorant earlier this week I was thinking I had no business being there. However, once I saw the cute packaging that reminded me of my first deodorant -Tickle, I thought, well why can’t I use it? I have been having  an internal struggle about wearing antiperspirant. There are theories (whether true or not) that link aluminum-based compounds (the active ingredient in most antiperspirants) and parabens, which are preservatives, to breast cancer. I have tried to use natural deodorant in the past, but after about two weeks – I give up because I can’t stand myself and my increased dry cleaning bills.
Fresh Kidz deodorant was developed in the UK, by a couple who could no longer stand the scent their grandchildren left behind. They decided to use their 20+ years of pharmaceutical industry experience to research, develop and formulate a deodorant specifically for kids that didn’t contain chemicals and alcohol.  It is formulated using no harmful aluminum, drying alcohol, or parabens and can be used on all skin-types and is suitable for vegans. The Fresh Kidz range premiered at Boots in the UK and was an instant success with kids and parents. Now it is available stateside.
There is roll on for Girls and another for Boys, but after smelling each I can tell you I’d use and will use both! Actually I have been using them for a couple of days and am smitten. Fresh Kidz masks unpleasant odors for 24 hours and inhibits the growth of bacteria which is one of the  main causes of odor. It also allows the  skin to breathe and does not stain clothing. So far, so good!
Fresh Kidz is currently available at Meijer, select Whole Foods, Giant, Stop & Shop and Amazon, but will be available nationwide.
Keep It Kind Fresh Kidz Girls Deodorant, $5.49
Keep It Kind Fresh Kidz Boys Deodorant, $5.49
Learn more about Fresh Kidz here.
– Lauren Dimet Waters

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