Four Stars Who Are Trying Too Hard To Convey An Image

We all know celebrities are like brands. If Paris Hilton didn't party all the time, we'd get bored of her. If there were no longer rumors about J.Lo's divalicious behavior, we'd take her off our radar. 

But then you have those celebs that try to convey some kind of image through their clothing. It's true what you wear says something about you. But somehow the message these A-listers are sending aren't ringing so loud and clear. 

Taylor Swift: America's Sweetheart


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I loved when Taylor Swift wore a tight python-inspired dress and ironed out her hair. I hate when she wears floral dresses and little peep toes. It seems like everyone is rooting for your Taylor, so why not try something a little different. Good girl is so last year.

Vanessa Hudgens: Boho Chick


If you know Vanessa's style (and you've seen my most recent article on why I hate her looks) you'll know that she's a devout boho chick. She loves the hippie meets glam look–for her that means feather earrings, peasant tops, flared jeans, and in the case of this yucky ensemble–T-strap sandals with socks. While flowing maxi dresses can be nice, I much prefer seeing Vanessa in Herve Leger bandage dresses, sequins, and leather jackets. For some reason, I feel that it just fits her. But alas, we have the drapey necklace hanging over the white dress conveying that, "I don't give a damn–but wait, I really do!" look. 

Kelly Osbourne: Fierce Femmy


Sure, I'm as much of a fan of the Kelly Osbourne weight loss as the next person–but I miss her days of punky black and neon logo tees. I know, I KNOW, we'd much rather see her like this–her hair sunny blonde, dainty white gloves on her hands, and a Nautica striped blazer, but I was so hoping that her punk rocker vibe would return with her installation as the rep for the Lourdes/Madonna Material Girl line.  Unfortunatley, that is not the case. She's just way more into promoting her femininity than promoting her looks of the past. Although it doesn't always feel like to me, that's who she thinks she is.

Katy Perry: Punky Nerd


I can't really tell if Katy enjoys wearing floral skirts or if she'd much rather been seen in bold stripes and leather jackets. One day she's wearing cat-eye frames, the next she's rockin bow-fronted heels. I guess she's exploring her own sense of style, but I sort of like her in that 50s Greaser look–leather pants, a matching jacket, and studded round toe heels. Not the indecisive femme girl look she's trying to go for these days.


–Simona Kogan

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