Five Subtly Sexy Trends for Rihanna's Upcoming UAE Concert


Pop star and style icon Rihanna recently announced she will be performing Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, the second-largest city in the United Arab Emirates, on New Year's Eve. Due to the more conservative nature of the predominantly Islamic culture, the singer was asked to be a bit more thoughtful in choosing her wardrobe for the performance, specifically, she was asked to please wear pants. The singer obliged of course, out of respect for the host country, (and perhaps also due to the whopping $500,000 paycheck she's getting for the performance.)

But even off the stage, we're guessing Rihanna will have to tone down the oftentimes overtly sexual nature of her wardrobe during her time in the UAE. But is it possible for her to radiate that same sense of cool confidence outside of unitards and nipple pasties? We think so, and have come up with a few tasteful alternatives to prove it.


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A slouchy sweater vest serves as the perfect layering piece when worn over a filmy, long-sleeved tee. It provides a sexy splash of sparkle without being too revealing.

Nobody does rocker chic like our girl Rihanna. This coat exudes the tough and sassy vibe of a femme fatale, but in a longer, leaner silhouette—perfect for those chilly desert nights.

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