Fashionattitude: Fashion Fiasco. Five Of The Worst Fall Finds

It’s amazing what the fashion world entices us to do. Why did we like parachute pants? And why did we embrace them again when they called themselves “harem pants”? Really? Some days I do think humanity is going to hell in a handbag. So in an effort to evade the flames, I suggest that consumers think twice before purchasing these somewhat unfortunate finds….
1. Um, have you been drinking your lunch from a paper bag? These pants add pounds to just about everyone who wears them, and looks like something a teenager would wear in 1993.
Whit Paper Bag Pants, $325
2.  Why do people insist on combining ridiculous things? The sneaker-boot combo (with fur?) Why? When was gym class sexy?
Ash Minsk Suede Lace-up Ankle Boots, $275
3. The only place tweed and patent leather should meet is in British porn.
 Red Valentino Tweed Drawstring Cross-body Bag, $495
4. This hurt me. I adore Philip Lim and then I see this monstrosity. The coloration is wrong and instead of a sexy or even bohemian beauty this looks like I stole my boyfriends t-shirt and sewed on something from Ali McGraw’s closet in 1977.
 3.1 Philip Lim Leather And Silk Top, $725
5. It should be a law: NO more pants or jeans or leggings (Jeggings? Another horrifying trend) that sport anything resembling an acid wash. This is a hideous look and so the fines and penalties for violations should be extra steep.
 Bleulab Woven Reversible Leggings, $163
—Heatherbelle Bridgeview
Image Layout: Amy Newling

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