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Lanvin Metallic Maxi Miss $2300


Lanvin Metallic Hero Bag, $1745


Lanvin Madras Hero $1675


Lanvin Kansas Tote $2,030

Lanvin Metallic Kentucky Tote $2175


Lanvin Metallic Montrogueil $2,105

Maybe it’s the fact that I, too, adore the forget-me-not color from the Fra Angelico fresco that was the inspiration for Elber Abaz’s packaging. Or perhaps it’s the turn of the century glamour that is synonymous with the just the whisper of the name Lanvin, but without doubt its Lanvin to whom I turn when I’m in need of subtle inspiration. Rising to fame in the 20s and ’30s, Jeanne
Lanvin’s intricate trimmings, embroideries and
beaded decorations in floral colors became her trademark and synonymous with the light, fantastic Paris of our imaginations.

And because handbags are always somewhat more within the realm of purchasing possibility (these are all available at Barneys) I thought I would remind the world exactly how brightly Lanvin shines.– Joanne Molina for Second City Style

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