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Fashion Focus Chicago begins Wednesday and runs for 12 days! Second City Style will be everywhere and we are already exhausted just planning who will be where.

Here are my thoughts about the extravaganza. Our (Chicago’s) fashion week is consumer driven. So unlike the shows in NYC, LA, Paris, London and Milan…we will be seeing what is currently in the stores and designs  from local talent….Fall ’06.

Can Fashion Focus Chicago eventually evolve into something like NY Fashion Week, which is more fashion oriented? I will let you know. For now, consumers in Chicago seem excited just to have any sort of fashion week. However, our Fashion Week (or 2 weeks) is run by the city whose primary concern is attracting more business and obviously keeping talent here (instead of a mass exodus to NY or LA)…fashion just happens to be hot right now. I would think this will make it harder to be taken seriously by the world as any sort of fashion force.  Yet, Second City Style holds out hope and heck…if we can get Chicagoans interested in fashion, then maybe, just maybe…we can improve the aesthetics on our city streets and finally shed the reputation for being a Midwest city that could care less about how we look. Praise be.

– Lauren Dimet

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