Fashion Focus Chicago 2008. Macy’s Presents The Designers of Chicago Fashion Show. Grand Finale for Chicago’s Week of Fashion.


Pouring rain and Chicago’s Windy City gales didn’t result in any open seats at Fashion Focus Chicago’s finale runway show, featuring 11 Spring 2009 collections from area designers to be sold at Macy’s on State Street. We Chicagoans may still harbor some wounded pride from the Macy’s star replacing the Marshall Fields’ clock; thankfully the clothing did not disappoint.

The designers were Horacio Nieto, 5P1t, Lara Miller, Tennille White, YANA Collection, Maddie Powers, 6ACE by Glenn Mallory (menswear), Kate Boggiano by Kate Coxworth, Agga B. by Agga Raya, Evil Kitty by Lidia Wachowska, and organiK Revolution by Kristin Rosynek Hassan. Six of these designers were selected to be part of the Chicago Fashion Incubator (CFI) at Macy’s on State Street. The CFI provides six Chicago-based designers with the resources, curriculum, and mentoring to launch their careers in fashion. These designers include Glenn Mallory, Kate Coxworth, Agga Raya, Lidia Wachowska, Yana German, and Kristin Rosynek Hassan.

Yana Collection


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Highlights per collection included:

Rose twill jacket with a punk edge from Horacio Nieto.

Bright silk dresses and khaki silk pairings from 5P1T.

Brightly hued shifts and dresses from Lara Miller.

Ruffled tops from Tennille White.

Ethnic embroidery from Yana Collection.

‘50s-inspired bikinis paired with care-free heart-shaped sunglasses from Maddie Powers.

Embellished long-sleeved blouses from Kate Boggiano.

Leather and cotton dresses from Agga B.

Crazy club attire from Evil Kitty.

And an imaginative finale with mustard mini dresses and ball gown skirts from organiK Revolution.

organiK Revolution

Many of the collections portrayed some excellent additions to the current Macy’s inventory. With that being said, many items were very safe, very wearable, and very retail. That doesn’t mean the clothing was not well-constructed or boring; it means that the majority of the show felt like department store highlights versus one-of-a-kind pieces we are used to seeing strut down a runway. However, I have never seen a runway show decked out in such fantastic glitter. Not only were they showcasing clothing at the show, but draping necklaces, glittering brooches, bracelets, chandelier earrings, and even bedazzled sandals.

The show was an appropriate ending to this week’s series of Chicago fashion shows. The month still goes on with various trunk shows and events; but when it comes to this year’s finale of music, lights, and runway, cheers to the designers, collections and fabulous fashion for a successfully stylish week!

— Rachel Yeomans

Photos: Patrick L. Pyszka


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    The photo of the red dress with ruffle skirt from the Macy’s show is INCORRECTLY IDENTIFIED. IT IS by 5p1t NOT Horacio Nieto as listed. Thank you for any correction that can be made.
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