Fall In Love With Pomellato. Check Out The 2012 Collection at Oak Street In Chicago

Pomellato Boutique On Oak Street

If you are familiar with Pomellato you probably understand why it’s the 4th largest jeweler in Europe. So if have not seen the jewelry first-hand, we are fortunate to have a boutique in Chicago at 41 E. Oak Street. I met Faarah Grande, Director of Marketing for Pomellato to view the 2012 Collection up close and learn more the brand. Pomellato, a Milan-based jewelry company, was founded in 1967, and stands out in the jewel-making industry for having introduced the concept of ‘prêt-à-porter’ jewelry, a true revolution at the time. These pieces are made to be worn every day, day-to-night. They can be just as elegant with a t-shirt as with a formal gown. All of the shapes have soft rounded edges and natural inspiration. The jewelry is carefully crafted in Italy by artisans, using only raw materials of the highest quality. Faarah pointed out the gold they use is all rose gold. And if it is of a silver tone, it is white gold. The gems are often brightly colored and many of the shapes are organic, meaning they are not perfect circles or squares, but curved to fit perfectly. The details are incredible and I can see why the brand is so collectable. I was easily won over by Pomellato jewelry, with its combination of both classic and modern styling. Each piece can be cherished like a piece of artwork.

Here is a peek at some of the pieces from the 2012 Pomellato Collection.

NUDO: Forever Nudo. A collection that celebrates its ongoing success with the launch of New Nudo – five rings that broaden the gamut of stones with new sizes and deeper colours. Blue London topaz, amethyst, Madeira quartz, prasiolite, lemon quartz, plus two top-quality stones - tangerine garnet and peridot. Stones that shaped as small pendants on tiny gold loops, in white Toolsor rose gold, bring to life the line’s newest earrings.
TANGO: The most prominent Pomellato collection.
BAHIA: Sumptuous new additions to the Bahia collection spotlight pebble-style stone cuts and eccentric colour combinations. From the rings in rose gold – with three stones, or one – in delicate shades of blue topazes and pink sapphires, to a stunning limited edition version sparkling with rare and luminous beryls. Colors of immense purity – the pale blue of aquamarine, a blush of morganite pink and the sunshine yellow of heliodore, are set off by small brown diamonds. The same combinations apply to the pendant earrings, as luminous as liquid flickers of light.
TABOU: The intensity of peridots in a glinting burnished pavè evoke tiny, lime-green hills that represent the new edition of Tabou. The two dome-shaped rose gold rings are matched with the new cowrie-shell shaped earrings featuring a rich and irregular pavé. pomellato.com
TANGO: The most prominent Pomellato collection fans out with new and stunning styles featuring variations on the theme of chains, enhanced by different sized diamonds in chiaroscuro effects that form the characterizing burnished pavé.
SABBIA: The irregular, flat pavé of Sabbia is dusted with white, brown and black diamonds to form many small glittering coin charms dangling on a rose gold chain bracelet. Rings can be chosen individually in the same three colour variations. Worn together they recreate the same play on colour of the earrings

Pomellato Boutique |  41 East Oak Street  Chicago, IL 60611  |  312-649-9720  |  Visit Pomellato.com


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–Carol Calacci

Photos: Pomellato

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